Seven Minute Steak

Steak is already amazing, but why not accessorize?

I am a major fan of the griddle pan I told you about a few weeks ago. A new angle on beef makes it even sexier and leaves crosshatches that rival any grill marks, and with only 15 minutes of watching the clock (though I admit I’m here typing in between steak flips, which shows you can multi-task without burning stuff).

Since we like our meat medium well done, I cook for closer to 7 minutes per side. If you cook smaller steaks or want your meat more pink inside, adjust time accordingly.

In the pan with seasoning

To grill using the seven minute method:

Using a pastry brush, brush pan with olive oil and heat pan to medium, about 5 minutes.

Add steak and season. At 3:30 minutes, turn the steak 45 degrees to create the cross hatching.

 As you can see, the 45 degree turn at the half way mark isn’t much
At the 7 minute mark, flip the steak and season. In 3:30 minutes, turn the steak at a 45 degree angle, and cook for the duration of that seven minutes.
Another finished steak. Try it!
The results are amazing and impressive, and you have to admit, it looks like it’s a professional job and not the work of a chick who never learned to cook until a couple of years ago.

You can do it too, hot shot. Give it a try.

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