Don't Brush your Teeth with a Bowl of Frosted Flakes

How many times is the mantra on any way of eating to be prepared?Notice I admit willingly I dropped out of Girl Scouts at an early age, and preparation has been my way of life only rarely. I tend to fly by the seat of my extra big jumpers, but when … [Read more...]

Lasagna Roll-Ups

I wanted something a little different and to test the versatility of the pizza 'dough' I put together with cauliflower a few weeks back, so I decided to fill it, roll it and bake it. The results? So good, my tongue smacked my head and said, "Why … [Read more...]

Tuesday, TOPS and Tangents

AAAHHHH!!! Blinded by shiny! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!When is 5 pounds lost not really 5 pounds lost? It’s when you go into TOPS, step on the scale, and they tell you you’ve really lost 8 pounds. Because I defer to all things mathematically not me, I … [Read more...]

I hate Daylight Smavings

What an awful idea it is to tell folks who wake up at 6 am to wake up at 5 am. I feel like I've been hit with a Little Debbie Snack Cake truck and didn't even get to eat any of the wreckage.My kids are zombies, and my hair smacked me upside the head … [Read more...]

Paging an emailer, Canadian Cream Cheese, and Out Cooking

Paging Nurse Emailer... Come in, Nurse Emailer...If you don't know who you are, you had left a comment about your weight loss plan and I told you to email me.You did!I read your email, was thinking of a response, got sidetracked by homeschooling, saw … [Read more...]

Chicken Soup for the Butt, Beans and Body fat

Sometimes, when I'm talking to people (the real ones, and not just when I do those voices into the mirror. Like Mr. Pirate. He's the coolest!) ideas begin to form, and ideas for books that should have been written come out of the woodwork.I was … [Read more...]

Sunday Night. My link don’t stink!

First, check this picture out from this week's article. Go ahead. Click to resize (no, it's not a plot for page hits--ooh burn! Bo knows I'm razzing him. Now he's going to let me have it. Why am I talking to myself?). That picture is what happens … [Read more...]

Pizzelles and Cannoli

Pictures by babydollseas. Top: Pizzelles as they appear post-baking; Middle: Cannoli with edges dipped in pistachios; Bottom: Nothing says loving from the Pizzelle maker like cannoli. … [Read more...]

My Pizza, Not Your Pizza, and Polite Company

My husband just called me on the phone a few minutes ago to say that I've been invited to partake in pizza tonight at work with a couple of other spousal units and their husbands. (You ever notice that late work nights minus overtime can be spun into … [Read more...]

More Oopsie Humor

Pictures: Top, from; Next: the amazing PennInk shows us what oopsies can do for Monster Trucks; Third Picture: Jabba the Hut likes Oopsies; Last: Save, Me Luke! I fear an oopsie malfunction! The hilarious rendering is by … [Read more...]

Chocolate Eclaire Cake

pictures by babydollsea: Top: Are you ready for dessert? Beautiful; Middle: Oopsie batter which looks wot like a cake! Bottom: Behold the beauty of the layered oopsie. … [Read more...]

May the Oopsies Be With You

Photoshopping done by the very talented XSugarBabe Long Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away... There was a blogger who came upon a fortuitous mistake in her kitchen. It was then that the oopsie was given form from nothingness, and permeates the … [Read more...]

Boston Cream Napoleon

photos by fibergal: top: Oopsie batter spread in a greased jellyroll pan and baked; middle: Napoleon after layering; bottom: ready to serve and enjoy! This is a beautiful dessert skillfully put together by fibergal. She is, as you can see, very … [Read more...]

H20 Goddess’ Oopsie Pizza

This recipe was passed along by a friend (H2O Goddess) who posted at a same forum as I did. She shared these incredible images and I said, "What?!" She has graciously agreed to share here recipe with everyone. … [Read more...]

Never retain water on weigh-in days

Not that there's anything wrong with that.I ate a large amount of sodium yesterday and today at TOPS weighed in with only a 2.5 loss (which is much smaller than yesterday morning). Still, a loss is a loss at TOPS, and so far I have an all no-gainer … [Read more...]