It used to be that when I was upset or sad, I would turn to food to calm me. I would hide from the problem and eat, and bury my issues with food. I was a binge eater. It used to be that as I dealt with a problem, I would turn to food for reward. I … [Read more...]

Of all the towns, your son rode his Nimbus 3000 into mine

It is said that everyone has a doppelganger out there somewhere; someone who looks so much like a celebrity or different person that people tend to mistake them for others, or are reminded how much they resemble another. My son's had been the actual … [Read more...]

Colorado school rules “Tag, you’re not it”

I'm a little behind the news these days, but I wanted to sound off regarding the issue of banning childhood games in the schools before the topic becomes more ancient than Beethoven's powdered wig. I am extremely disappointed in the continued … [Read more...]

I’ll get you! I’ll get you good!

I've been tagged by three friends now. Just between us (don't tell them though) (exaggerated wink) in the spirit of friendship, all of them have no idea that they have been signed up for the denture creme club of the month. That said, in an … [Read more...]

Who is that bento blogger? Who? Me? No!

I've had something published locally with a picture! I have had other things published, but avoid getting the paper because I am generally embarrassed to see my picture in print next to something I've written. As a perfectionist I always know I could … [Read more...]

Menu ideas for busy people

I was asked by a friend who wanted to plan some menus for her family, and especially with kids, if I had some ideas regarding planning. Do I have ideas? Is the Lincoln Monument tall (though it makes one wonder how they fit the whole thing into each … [Read more...]

The Low Glycemic Load Atkins OWL plan

Some folks ask me what plan I'm following. Here is the answer, albeit not tremendously simple, but simple enough for me. I'm following Dr Thompson's Low Glycemic Diet, but I'm using modified OWL numbers from the Atkins plan. Now, before you … [Read more...]

Exercise and ways to trick your brain…

Even if you don't feel like doing it, just try this. I start out with 5 minutes. You figure if you do 5, then you can do 7, which turns to 8. Then minute 9 comes along, and you're like, "why not shoot for 10." So you do 10 minutes and you're … [Read more...]

96 boxes of Crystal Lite and some great yogurt

It's supremely not cool that the love affair we have shared with Blue Bunny has been hampered somewhat by the seemingly sudden divorce of Blue Bunny from Super Wal-Mart stores. I had finally found Blue Bunny's Sweet Freedom low-carb yogurts and was … [Read more...]

An Anxious Moment

I ended up in the urgent care facility of the hospital today with chest pain, tingling, all of the classic symptoms of what seemed to be a heart attack. Talk about not cool. I hadn't been that concerned since the Sea Hawks lost the Super Bowl to the … [Read more...]

Well, Slap my low-carb Buttermilk Biscuits!

I just found out quite by accident (I'm not very technological, unless it has to do with shoes, and those don't usually blink 12:00) that I'm listed on a list. That's right! A list! Sir Jimmy Moore has come out with his annual 'Bazillion Blogs to … [Read more...]

Kimkins and the Petition

There has been a lot of controversy over the Kimkins Diet plan, a plan which many, including yours truly, believes is a dangerous VLCD being marketed to a get-thin-fast mentality of people. I am going to also state that while more people don't know … [Read more...]

Feeling Groovy

I thought it was the rousing game of Apples to Apples. Slapping down those cards with aplomb and yelling that, indeed, there is nothing more unloving than an octopus was, in my opinion, an exciting event of grand proportions. Or maybe it was the … [Read more...]

Looking at a weight loss plan? Look for the three S'

Three things to ask yourself when you’re looking at a weight loss plan are: Is it sane? Is it safe? Is it sustainable? If a plan is ‘sane’, we know you’re not going to be told to go on an all-pea plan, or a plan which is going to make your body … [Read more...]

Why don't you eat normally?

There is a grand assumption on the part of many who don't understand the low-carb lifestyle that we don't eat normally. One mention of "Atkins" and folks picture Michael Moore bathing in a vat of bacon grease, scrubbing under his armpits with a big … [Read more...]