Chicken Soup for the Butt, Beans and Body fat

Sometimes, when I'm talking to people (the real ones, and not just when I do those voices into the mirror. Like Mr. Pirate. He's the coolest!) ideas begin to form, and ideas for books that should have been written come out of the woodwork.I was … [Read more...]

Sunday Night. My link don’t stink!

First, check this picture out from this week's article. Go ahead. Click to resize (no, it's not a plot for page hits--ooh burn! Bo knows I'm razzing him. Now he's going to let me have it. Why am I talking to myself?). That picture is what happens … [Read more...]

Pizzelles and Cannoli

Pictures by babydollseas. Top: Pizzelles as they appear post-baking; Middle: Cannoli with edges dipped in pistachios; Bottom: Nothing says loving from the Pizzelle maker like cannoli. … [Read more...]

My Pizza, Not Your Pizza, and Polite Company

My husband just called me on the phone a few minutes ago to say that I've been invited to partake in pizza tonight at work with a couple of other spousal units and their husbands. (You ever notice that late work nights minus overtime can be spun into … [Read more...]

More Oopsie Humor

Pictures: Top, from; Next: the amazing PennInk shows us what oopsies can do for Monster Trucks; Third Picture: Jabba the Hut likes Oopsies; Last: Save, Me Luke! I fear an oopsie malfunction! The hilarious rendering is by … [Read more...]

Chocolate Eclaire Cake

pictures by babydollsea: Top: Are you ready for dessert? Beautiful; Middle: Oopsie batter which looks wot like a cake! Bottom: Behold the beauty of the layered oopsie. … [Read more...]

May the Oopsies Be With You

Photoshopping done by the very talented XSugarBabe Long Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away... There was a blogger who came upon a fortuitous mistake in her kitchen. It was then that the oopsie was given form from nothingness, and permeates the … [Read more...]

Boston Cream Napoleon

photos by fibergal: top: Oopsie batter spread in a greased jellyroll pan and baked; middle: Napoleon after layering; bottom: ready to serve and enjoy! This is a beautiful dessert skillfully put together by fibergal. She is, as you can see, very … [Read more...]

H20 Goddess’ Oopsie Pizza

This recipe was passed along by a friend (H2O Goddess) who posted at a same forum as I did. She shared these incredible images and I said, "What?!" She has graciously agreed to share here recipe with everyone. … [Read more...]

Never retain water on weigh-in days

Not that there's anything wrong with that.I ate a large amount of sodium yesterday and today at TOPS weighed in with only a 2.5 loss (which is much smaller than yesterday morning). Still, a loss is a loss at TOPS, and so far I have an all no-gainer … [Read more...]

I'm so impatient

I couldn't even finish the title.How is that for imToo much energy?patient?did it again! 'M I bad.I have a lot of energy these days--mentally especially-- because of Atkins removing the belly button lint from my head. Now I have a lot of things to … [Read more...]

Celebrating VD without the guilt (Valentine’s Day. You know what I mean)

Chocolate is the old standby for Valentine's Day, but this is 2008 for crying out loud. Peter Parker may no longer be married to Mary Jane due to a silly twist of fate by balding Marvel executives, but that doesn't mean you have to cave to … [Read more...]

It's Windsday, Owl!

It is flipping windy here. It's the kind of gustapalooza that has even a woman of large size like me hanging onto things in an effort not to blow away it's the underarm flaps).Mondays are excruciatingly busy at this moment,l so I apologize for my … [Read more...]

Friday, where to stuff those candies, and voting for the evil who brings you stuff

Friday! Yeah!*pumping fist the air* Just Say NO to superfluous chocolatey bits of Valentine’s DayValentine’s Day is next week, so practice the art of saying “Thank You” now, since someone will probably hand you cupcakes and chocolate. When they’re … [Read more...]

Zippy Chinese Chicken Stir-Fry

This is a fun dish, whether you're ringing in a Chinese New Year or just a new you. … [Read more...]