My buns are spreading across Denver

You knew I had big buns. Now the news is spreading--like my buns. Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News subscribers in this area have received, this week, a copy of an article referring to the low-carb buns I made by accident when I was cooking one … [Read more...]


Remember Chachi? He always said Wahwahwah. I just wanted to throw that out there for no particular reason. Snickering with friends A friend at has an interesting dilemma. It's after the holidays, and you are a cozy sight, … [Read more...]

Like to weigh daily?

I always weigh on Mondays. In fact, while I'm a daily weigher, I only mark the weight on my calendar for Mondays. I do this is because the daily fluctuations might be frustrating, but the weekly numbers serve as better data points over the long … [Read more...]

New Oopsie Roll Recipe

Now with no Splenda. You don't need it. If you find you need a more savory roll, experiment with adding dry mustard and dill. It's better than you think! Oopsie Rolls (Gluten-Free Buns) 3 large eggs pinch of cream of tartar (1/8 tsp) 3 … [Read more...]

Happy New Rear!

Welcome to 2008! As usual, I'm behind in things. I thought I blogged just like a week ago, and it's already 2-3 weeks ago. This shows how incredibly lame I am. Painfully lame. But with good taste in footwear. I stepped on the scale on New Year's … [Read more...]

10 Tricks for Getting Through Halloween in one piece

You're probably thinking I'm a downright nutter for starting a Halloween topic now. I'm hoping that you'll see the nougatty chewy section that is my reasoning as I begin, however, and won't toss mental candy apples in my direction. We're going to … [Read more...]

Up Yours!

If you're like me, you've been exercising, but you're always looking for a way to maximize your workout. My friend 2big and my father-in-law told me to put my treadmill on an incline, so I reluctantly did. Why incline? Speaking in terms of … [Read more...]

4500 views! Thank you!

I feel like you are all family to me, and today this blog has reached 4500 posts in a relatively short period of time. I want you to know that I love you as much as is socially inawkward and that I appreciate your friendship! I am excited for so … [Read more...]

Gourmet Flat Out Flatbread Pizza

I am a major fan of pizza. For me, I can eat just the toppings; or, for only 8 net carbs, I can use a Flat-Out low-carb wrap as a crust. … [Read more...]

Holy Diet Fraud, Batman!

What do you guys think about this? KTLA is doing a two-part expose on the Kimkins diet, and had Kimmer, herself, on video! Who is that woman in the red dress? KTLA reports that it certainly isn't Heidi Diaz, the founder of the Kimkins … [Read more...]


It used to be that when I was upset or sad, I would turn to food to calm me. I would hide from the problem and eat, and bury my issues with food. I was a binge eater. It used to be that as I dealt with a problem, I would turn to food for reward. I … [Read more...]

Of all the towns, your son rode his Nimbus 3000 into mine

It is said that everyone has a doppelganger out there somewhere; someone who looks so much like a celebrity or different person that people tend to mistake them for others, or are reminded how much they resemble another. My son's had been the actual … [Read more...]

Colorado school rules “Tag, you’re not it”

I'm a little behind the news these days, but I wanted to sound off regarding the issue of banning childhood games in the schools before the topic becomes more ancient than Beethoven's powdered wig. I am extremely disappointed in the continued … [Read more...]

I’ll get you! I’ll get you good!

I've been tagged by three friends now. Just between us (don't tell them though) (exaggerated wink) in the spirit of friendship, all of them have no idea that they have been signed up for the denture creme club of the month. That said, in an … [Read more...]

Who is that bento blogger? Who? Me? No!

I've had something published locally with a picture! I have had other things published, but avoid getting the paper because I am generally embarrassed to see my picture in print next to something I've written. As a perfectionist I always know I could … [Read more...]