July is Ice Cream Month!

We work all winter to shed pounds and whip our bodies into shape for summer, but when the stark heat sets in, we’re often reaching for a fatty frozen indulgence.  In fact, one of the most common causes for weight gain during the summer months is that … [Read more...]


  Copper: People might be surprised to learn that they need copper to stay healthy. Yes, it’s only a tiny amount, but it’s still necessary. That's because copper, like iron, is necessary to make red blood cells. People also need copper to … [Read more...]

Wrinkle Prevention Tips

Wrinkles. Everyone has them or will get them eventually. They are not necessarily a bad thing, they do add character and a more distinguished look. Just like with anything else, too much of anything is not always a good thing. Plus we need to keep … [Read more...]

Red White and Blue(ish)

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope y'all are having a wonderful day :) I thought it might be fun to come up with a list of our favorite Red White and Blue foods. Here are mine: RED *Beets: The antioxidant effect from anthocyanins … [Read more...]

Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids: Fatty acids are fat soluble substances that are necessary for the health of the vital organs. They help the body transport oxygen through the bloodstream and therefore get O2 into all the tissues, cells and organs. People have mostly … [Read more...]

Ear Stapling

Ear Stapling to lose weight? … [Read more...]

Five ways to rejuvenate over the weekend

Five Quick Ways to Rejuvenate Over the Weekend During the week, you're a fast-flying, hard-working machine. Recharge over the weekend with these five easy indulgences: … [Read more...]

Brussels Sprouts

  Brussels Sprouts: Don’t wrinkle your nose. Brussels sprouts are good for you, and if they’re cooked properly, they even taste good. The problem is that Brussels sprouts are often boiled to death, and nothing that’s boiled to death … [Read more...]

Abolish the Belly

What is the best way to lose abdominal fat?   Belly fat does not discriminate, darn it! Everyone can get it. Scientific studies show that centuries ago this is what helped us survive famine. However, in today’s world extra belly fat is linked to … [Read more...]


  Calcium facts: Calcium is a right powerhouse of a mineral. As everyone learned as children, calcium, often in the form of that glass of milk we had to drink a few times a day, builds healthy teeth and strong bones. Now we know that on … [Read more...]

Sunblock for everyone!

Sunblock is SUPER important! Sunshine can make us feel great, but sun exposure is a leading cause of skin cancer and premature aging, including wrinkles, age spots, leatheriness, and broken capillaries. And since sun damage occurs deep in the … [Read more...]


Iron info: We all know about iron. Iron is that mineral we need to keep our blood healthy. In fact, iron helps to make the red blood cells in the first place and these red blood cells get oxygen into the cells of the body. That's why when a person … [Read more...]

National Get Outdoors Day!

National Get Outdoors Day is an annual event to encourage healthy, active outdoor fun. On average, American kids are spending over 6.5 hours a day watching t.v.! … [Read more...]

Vitamin D

Facts about Vitamin D Vitamin D is different from other vitamins because it is one of the few vitamins that the body makes without having to get it from foods. All a person has to do to get their regular dose of Vitamin D is stand in the sun for … [Read more...]

World Environment Day!

World Environment Day! Today is a day that we can all take a look at ways we can improve our environment. There are many ways to go about this. Consider riding your bike to work or taking a bus than driving every day. Carry your own … [Read more...]