Things you never expect to hear your kids say

Easy is when your child tells you they're running away from home to realize her dreams as part of the Trans Siberian Circus camel swallowers.Tough is when my nine year old walks in the door, flips her hair, thrusts her hip out with her little, … [Read more...]

The low carb family makeover

It's inevitable: You've discovered the fountain of youth located in a pork belly, and your husband and children give you the side eye because you've announced that potatoes have been replaced with cauliflower puree and the spaghetti is now spaghetti … [Read more...]

Interview with a vamp: Misty from Free Healthy Diet Plans

Once over 200 pounds, Misty Humphrey’s new website is where this one-time larger than life dieter shares her lifestyle, experience and knowledge with readers. Offering counseling and coaching to those who could use an extra … [Read more...]

There's an app for that… FoodEssentials Scanner

Ever wonder what might be lurking in those Toity Tots Toaster Pastries? Do you have allergies or aversions to certain foods? Want to avoid high fructose corn syrup?Better yet, have you ever dreamed about playing with those supermarket scanners just … [Read more...]


People wonder what the hell I'm doing over here on occasion (my husband usually wonders what the hell I'm doing. ever. It's the female mystery, guys. Embrace the madness).Am I food porn peddler, a burly chick standing on the street corner, thrusting … [Read more...]

McCormick Makes Low Carb Meal Planning Easier

McCormick.comHave beef in the fridge and don't know what to do with it? Thinking along the lines of a pork-based comfort food and need a kick to get those creative juices going before The Real Housewives of Discountess comes on?McCormick Foods … [Read more...]

Fridge Findin's

You never know what you're going to find in the fridge sometimes. I'm ashamed to say I just tossed out a bratwurst, a bucket of lettuce and some strawberries that looked like the will to live had been sucked right out of them. … [Read more...]

Stevia, how I love you, but…

 OK. Well. Maybe it's youDear stevia,I just made a major attempt to convert to your sweet embrace, and I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry. I tried working with you in the kitchen today, and despite all of the solid research I attempted and the efforts … [Read more...]

Shoes optional, opinions necessary

Time Magazine, People Who Mattered 2002 sourcecredit: Michelle AsselinInterested in poring over the latest Atkins tome, penned by Westman, Phinney and Volek? If so, come on over to our Lighter Side of Low Carb Reading Group and join in.Discussion … [Read more...]

Random Wednesday thoughts over baked salmon

 Snow. In Colorado. How unusual.Only in Colorado is it 70 degrees one day when a deluge of the white stuff buries my car and hopes for a run to Whole Foods in one fell swoop. O Xylitol and coconut oil. I will have you...Still, isn't it … [Read more...]

Broccoli versus Chocolate: Study Shows Shoppers Favor (and Savor) Junk

 Photo from simplemom.netPretend for a moment that you're in a store trudging down the aisles of your favorite super market. You buy according to need, and, more importantly, make sense fiscally for your budget. I mean, your pockets aren't … [Read more...]

Eating Towards a New World Record

 Credit:James AmblerYou already hold a Guinness World Record for giving birth at the world's heaviest weight, and you eat 12,000 calories a day.So what do you do you next? Go to Disneyland?Not if you're Donna Simmons, from New Jersey. She wants … [Read more...]

New Atkins for a New You Reading Group

Looking to get your mitts on the latest Atkins iteration, but not sure what to do with it once you get it, due to your busy routine? Look no further than to your buddies at The Lighter Side of Low Carb Facebook page for some fun times, witty … [Read more...]

Daylight Savings Tips

 source: http://sleepzine.comDaylight Savings can either be a woohoo moment or one of those that just took the support out of your brassiere (or your briefs). Either way, we're stuck with the seemingly constant jostling of time back and forth … [Read more...]

All the Fage

I've always been reticent to try Greek yogurt, or yiaourti if only because the thought of thick, gelatinous cow boob products just sounds painful. Enter fage. I hated the stuff at first, the thicker-than-sour cream and Ted Koppel's hair where … [Read more...]