Daylight Savings Tips

 source: http://sleepzine.comDaylight Savings can either be a woohoo moment or one of those that just took the support out of your brassiere (or your briefs). Either way, we're stuck with the seemingly constant jostling of time back and forth … [Read more...]

All the Fage

I've always been reticent to try Greek yogurt, or yiaourti if only because the thought of thick, gelatinous cow boob products just sounds painful. Enter fage. I hated the stuff at first, the thicker-than-sour cream and Ted Koppel's hair where … [Read more...]

What's Your Beef?

You know, I hear a lot of debate about ground beef. I just have to say that I don't really care these days much about the arguments regarding omega 3's and natural eating, antibiotics and lesser chances of e coli in the meats (which we now know isn't … [Read more...]

Study Your Diet: The Test is Your Success

 photo courtesy of Ooh. Wise title words from the chick who couldn't move her blanket because she was laying on it, so she covered up with her wisdom instead. OK, well, actually I (I mean she) stole hubby's blanket, too.So you have … [Read more...]

The Tide May be Beginning to Turn

In her article, "The Big Fat Lies about Britain's Obesity Epidemic" sweet hunk o woman, Hannah Shutter shares how exercise, starches and insulin really affect the body.Adapted from her book, Shutter shares the shenanigans of a government who she says … [Read more...]

Grass Fed Beef not Immune to E-Coli

I'm a major lovah of the beef wot is grass fed. It tastes better, it is more natural, and it packs a greater punch in terms of nutrients. When it comes to e coli, we thought we knew about cattle not raised on grains might not necessarily be true … [Read more...]

Weight Watchers take the floor… and fall through it

Don't get me wrong. I'm not anti-Weight Watchers. I'm just not for it.In fact, in 2004, I undertook a two month trek into the vast valley of the points system, flex eating, and online membership. I purchased the little calculator, never spent my flex … [Read more...]

Quick thought about weight loss

Feeling stuck? Slower than the Seahawks to make it to another superbowl (come on GUYS)?Think of weight loss this way: It's practice for maintenance. Embrace the slow weight loss and mentally act as though you're already in maintenance (of course, … [Read more...]

Happy Thangs-giving

My friend Erica on Facebook gave me that title. Love!Beware: Do recipes on my old column look wrong? Are they incomplete? If so, please be advised that when I left my column there in May, they published ALL recipes, including ones that … [Read more...]

Civil Disobedience for Low-Carbers

Just say no to croutons and senseless pasta killings.People are SO concerned about social convention and SO concerned about what others might think.It's time to take your health into your own hands.If people want to be difficult, it's time to employ … [Read more...]

MSG isn't always labeled as MSG

Monosodium glutamate, once made largely from various sources to enhance flavors of foods, is hard to pinpoint. Labeling doesn't always provide the information due to different terms for the stuff. Think it's not a problem?Hidden MSG is not limited to … [Read more...]

Spices can harbor secret, bad ingredients

Residing in the spice aisle, jars and containers of flavors vie for attention. The problem is that many assume these are healthy spices, devoid of anything other than the usual low-carb herbs many like to use in cooking.Some hidden ingredients you … [Read more...]

Ways to drink more water

It's not easy to drink 64 ounces of water a day, and you might not have to think of this task as one that is impossible.Try these tips for getting more water:1. Take a shot of water ever 30 minutes. A four ounce glass of the clear stuff every 30 … [Read more...]

Water: More than dihydrogen oxide

As snow makes way for warmer spring weather, is it important to visit the importance of staying hydrated.Five reasons to stay hydrated:1. Water is essential to life. While going without food for some time might not kill a human, going without water … [Read more...]

Spring cleaning for your low-carb home

You might be the only one in your home following a low-carb regimen, but that doesn't mean you can't make healthier choices for others living in your home. In honor of spring cleaning, here are some quick things you can do to ensure your family is … [Read more...]