Happy Mother's Day

source Whether you're a Mom, a hopeful Mom, a daughter remembering her Mom, a Mom of pets, named Mom, or you're the Mother of Invention, Your Lighter Side wishes you a Happy Mother's Day. … [Read more...]

Low carb meme moment

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The wisdom to not be a dunderhead

Yes. I drew this. You may marvel. There's that old adage: God grant me the serenity to not eat this crap sitting on my counter. OK. Well it's like that. I took a little poetic license. It's called forgetting the adage and making up one far better. … [Read more...]

Oops! Dolly Madison cleanup in aisle seven!

Molly Angel, move over. The b#tch has arrived, and she wants a doughnut.I went to the store the other day and bought my kids a box of those leftover bakery donuts for $2. That's a great price. I figured it'd be a great treat. For them.So, even after … [Read more...]

Napkins, Atkins, what's the difference?

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Why I love scraper sites, part 3

There's nothing quite like scraper sites. Add the language barrier and small elves make cookie magic in trees.mmm... a convalescent sandwich. How about a little Catheter Cheese or IV Drip Drink with that? … [Read more...]

Confessions of a closet baker

Pie in the sky. Or on your plate. I have a confession: I am a secret bakestress. A 100% hidden hostess with more Wilton cake tips and baking implements than anyone would ever guess. I pore over petit fours, croon over custards, chase the perfect … [Read more...]

Things you never expect to hear your kids say

Easy is when your child tells you they're running away from home to realize her dreams as part of the Trans Siberian Circus camel swallowers.Tough is when my nine year old walks in the door, flips her hair, thrusts her hip out with her little, … [Read more...]

When you share your food with a teen…

It only looks like a lot of eggs This is what happens when you make eggs for breakfast. You crack open four beautiful, white shells gleaming with the promise of steaming deliciousness, cook them with love... and return 10 minutes later find a cast … [Read more...]

The Sound of Bacon

Brown chewy bacon and cooked cauliflower Bright juicy dinners in under an hour Brown paper butcher wraps tied up with stringsThese are a few of my favorite thingsCream colored custards with small ganache doodles Olives, tomatoes, spaghetti squash … [Read more...]

In a perfect world…

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People wonder what the hell I'm doing over here on occasion (my husband usually wonders what the hell I'm doing. ever. It's the female mystery, guys. Embrace the madness).Am I food porn peddler, a burly chick standing on the street corner, thrusting … [Read more...]

Hot Links of the Day

Bacon mug? Toast it with a hells to the yes. ranker.com Study supports obese teens find solace in more than World of Warcraft.  ReutersInterview with Dr. Westman details differences between newest Atkins book and the 2002 version because people … [Read more...]

A little Atkins humor

by TLSoLC. … [Read more...]

Stevia, how I love you, but…

 OK. Well. Maybe it's youDear stevia,I just made a major attempt to convert to your sweet embrace, and I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry. I tried working with you in the kitchen today, and despite all of the solid research I attempted and the efforts … [Read more...]