Sept. 5 Menu and Events (Day 10)

Er ners! I can feel the ticklings of the back of my throat telling me that I have a cold coming on. This means two things: 1. copious amounts (within reason, naturally) of zinc, Cd and D3; and 2. Recipes may slow a little bit so that I can … [Read more...]

Sept. 4 Menu and Events (Day 9)

I slept in today. Boy was I tired! A few quick notes before I go all forgetty: I figured out I CAN darken link text (herpaderp), so I ran through the recipe indexes on the site (<-- see the green color here? A little too light for many) and … [Read more...]

Sept. 3 Menu and Events (Day 8)

I am down 10 pounds since I started a week ago! I love my food. It hasn't always been easy, but you can track how I've been doing day-by-day under the tab Mid-Year Resolution up top! [link] I am making great changes to my diet, and still have … [Read more...]

Sept. 2 Menu and Events (Day 7)

Happy Labor Day! I hope you guys will stay strong on this holiday and remember there are so many decadent options available to you that keep you on plan and fill you up, too! Need some ideas? Check out these Labor Day menu ideas I put together! … [Read more...]

Sept. 1 Menu and Events (Day 6)

Yay, Saturday! I am tired so this will be shortish. I did some incredible baking today and had so much fun, but the main part of what we did was move bricks and sell them on craigslist. Those are just a few of the bricks. There were more. They all … [Read more...]

Aug. 31 Menu and Events (Day 5)

Happy Finally Friday (Well, now it's Saturday, but I write these the day before to reflect what I ate)! It's the first Friday of our Mid-Year Resolution challenge and I'm in it to win it. I am sitting here eating some tuna fish salad and thinking … [Read more...]

Aug. 30 Menu and Events (Day 4)

It's almost Labor Day weekend! I hope you're planning some terrific things to eat this weekend to keep you on plan. Typically the meats aren't the issue; it's the parade of starchy and sweet dishes that you really have to beware of. Planning ahead … [Read more...]

Aug. 29 Menu and Events (Day 3)

If you'd like me to post how to make the zucchini spaghetti and meat sauce, please let me know. It is so easy and really delicious. I just don't know what you hotties want to see or not, so I'm open. It's Day 3! Typically Day 2 is the killer, but … [Read more...]

20 Labor Day Menu Ideas (5 net carbs or less)

Labor Day hails almost the end of the grilling party season, but it's the beginning of the rest of the year in terms of holidays. … [Read more...]

Aug. 28 Menu and Events (Day 2)

I have had a few friends ask me to keep track of what I’m eating. I don’t mind doing that. Some weeks might be harder than others for me to post faithfully due to scheduling conflicts, but I will always, always journal here, minimally, to keep … [Read more...]

Aug. 27 Menu and events (Day 1)

I have had a few friends ask me to keep track of what I'm eating. This is so that I can share like a model sharing citizen of Sharelandia. ( Why a Mid-Year Resolution?) Maybe even the mayor! Or the high grand duchess. I don't mind doing that. I … [Read more...]

Accountability. The Presidential Fitness Challenge

If you've been following along, either here or at Facebook, you will know that I have just embarked--along with a few hundred of my closest ketogenic friends--on a journey to wellness between now and December 31 of this year. Through holidays and … [Read more...]

How I plan to lose it by December 31

Well, a lot of it, and not my marbles. Well, not all of them. I have been thinking a lot lately. Some of it has been about anxiety and avoidance behaviors. Some has been about where to go from here.  More is about what I have accomplished this … [Read more...]