Blendtec Total Blender Review and Yummy Yogurt Smoothie Recipe


  I am going on the record now to tell you a little something. … [Read more...]

Mr. Bar-B-Q Ultimate Burger Basket/Lasagna Stuffed Chicken

Lasagna Stuffed Chicken3

That's right. I said easy lasagna-stuffed chicken! Bam. And thanks to an amazing burger basket by Mr. Bar-B-Q I used my way (I'm such a rebel), I made mine with no fuss and no muss--right on the grill! (Of course, you don't need a grill to make … [Read more...]

MyTide saves money, works harder, smells better


When something works as hard as it can, it usually smells bad and costs a lot (I'm specifically picturing the time I let my son use the chain saw). But oh, how pretty Tide remains, with its fresh, barely-there scent of Febreze. It's like a laundry … [Read more...]

Hug the Planet While Nourishing Your Kids


  School is back in session and while bells ring, and the pitter patter of feet wend their way through the halls of academia, chances are you've put a lot of love into their lunches, too. … [Read more...]

Diet-To-Go: Food that’s ready when you are


Imagine getting a knock at the door and the porch reveals a large, styrofoam container shrink-wrapped and waiting. … [Read more...]

Veggie Dipping Sauce & Baconnaise Review


Baconnaise. It's the manna of the grocery gods, the jarred deliciousness of smoky, bacon spreads. It's delicious. … [Read more...]

Roasted Green Bean Fries & Bacon Salt Review


Chewy with a little bit of a crisp bite, there's something magical about roasted green beans. I added a sprinkling of J&D's Bacon Salt and brought noshing up an entirely new level. … [Read more...]

Chocolate Cream Cheese Swirl Chia Seed Brownies


Once the stuff of jingle commercials promising a green-sprouted clay head, chia seeds are an absolute must-try if you haven't already. … [Read more...]

LC Foods Smoothie Mix Reviews


First of all, I want to apologize for the "Hiding Vegetables" post that appeared briefly on this site and then disappeared this morning. It was a misfire, and will be back in about a week. Now to the review: … [Read more...]

Banana Smoothie Mix Review

banana smoothie

How do banana, chia, and fiber come together to make a delicious, 0 net carbohydrate smoothie that will fill you up and keep you going for hours? LC Foods Corporation has succeeded with their refreshing, thick Banana Smoothie Mix . The ingredients … [Read more...]

Better Buttery Blueberry Buckle Recipe


One of the things I love about what I do is having the ability to work with some amazing companies and try new products. … [Read more...]

Review: LC Foods Gluten Free Muffin Mix


Muffins! You like muffins, I like muffins, we all like muffins. Many of us even have muffin tops, we love muffins so much. OK, well, maybe that's a little much, since we're working to whittle our middles... … [Read more...]

Review: LC Foods Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix

Bundt LC Foods

Gluten free, low carb cake mix? Yes, please. Thank you. Where's my fork? LC Foods knocks this one out of the ballpark with an easy to make cake mix that tastes delicious and behaves as a cake should. Loaded with fiber (a lot of fiber in various … [Read more...]

Review: Wink Frozen Desserts


What if I said the phrase, "ice cream made with pea protein"? Get up off of the floor and stop acting like you fainted dead away (still, that was cool how you threw out your arm and almost smooshed the dog for effect). … [Read more...]

Product Review: Mountain Zevia

I am not typically falling over out of my shoes to get hold of diet colas sweetened with stevia, but Mountain Zevia (the Mountain Dew iteration, a caffeinated lemon/lime beverage) is pretty amazing. The caffeine kicks in pretty quickly (thank yew … [Read more...]