Klondike Style Ice Cream Bars

Oh, nuh uh, I di'unt! Oh yes, I di'ud! I could talk more, but you have eating to do. … [Read more...]

Product Review: Folksy Art Soy Candles

With so many people averse to soy products due to food intolerances (soy ranks up there as one of the top 8 food allergy offenders), there's generally concern when anything soy-based enters into the home, especially in a food container. Enter … [Read more...]

Product Review: Safest Choice Pasteurized Shell Eggs

To P or not to P? I love smoothies and egg nog, and I like raw eggs in both more than I enjoy adding a protein powder (some of those powders aren't terribly tasty).That said, with the risk of salmonella, it's hard to recommend raw eggs as nourishment … [Read more...]

Product Review: Just the Cheese Chips, Nacho

I never thought I'd live to see the day when I had to give a negative review to anything with cheese in it. I mean, it's cheese, and cheese is life. OK, so I'm from Wisconsin, and doting mothers raised their children on cheese curds, so you have to … [Read more...]

Review: Laura's Lean Beef Italian-Style Meatballs

Laura's Lean Beef with Dreamfields low carb Pasta Since 1985, Laura's Lean Beef has been selling all-natural beef, raised without growth hormones or antibiotics. Now, expanding their product line for harried homemakers working both in and out of the … [Read more...]

Sweetened Condensed Milk #3

  Looks and tastes like the real thing Low carb baking favorite holiday recipes can become complicated, especially as many recipes call for sweetened condensed milk. While I already put a recipe together for sweetened … [Read more...]

Crusted Ranch Chicken

Almost like Thanksgiving OK, so it's like a thousand degrees outside, muggy and miserable. All that aside (and the fact that you still smell like coconut oil and sunshine) it's never too early to want a little bit of Thanksgiving, right? And … [Read more...]

Cauliflower Mashed Fauxtatoes

  Whipped and gorgeous. Source   Another product HoldTheCarbs.com offers is theirLC-Thick'n Potatoes Mix. Picking up where Thick'n'Thin left off when they stopped producing for private sale, this product, added to … [Read more...]

Review: Simply Lite 45% Cacao Bar: Dark Chocolate with Almonds

Sugar-free, low carb chocolate. Also essentially nut-free. Simply Lite is a new player to the field of health-conscious chocolates. Promising no sugar, gluten free and no transfats in an attractive wrap, this 3 ounce bar lives up to its quote: Fine … [Read more...]

Review: Green&Black's Organic Dark 85% Bar

Oops. I opened this one prior to photographing. Temptress chocolate. There's something to the earthy, dark notes of something tall dark and handsome sitting on your counter with sultry eyes. And so Green & Black's Organic Dark 85% Bar hits the … [Read more...]

Review: LC-Tapioca Instant Pudding

  Ch-ch-ch-chia! source Update: July 19, 2011. Glen just contacted me and told me they've revamped the tapioca, so expect a newer, even better product. Let me start out by saying I'm not the biggest fan of tapioca. So but … [Read more...]

Review: Simply Lite 36% Cacao Bar: Milk Chocolate

Udderly bovine: Milk chocolate, and no sugar. I love seeing new companies on the horizon, especially when we're a nation more than ever looking for gluten free, sugar free solutions. So when Simply Lite placed itself on my radar, I was excited to … [Read more...]

Review: Eucerin Everyday Protection Face and Body Lotion

If your skin is a commotion, you have got to try this lotion.When Eucerin sent me a couple of their terrific products to try, I was pretty excited. I mean, hey-- I get samples from food companies often, but now your friendly neighborhood … [Read more...]

Preview: Simply Lite 50% Cacao Bar: Dark Chocolate

Foiled Again. Chocolate in a great wrap.Dark Chocolate is the new plaid. Delicious and rich, chocolate companies seek to thrill our tastebuds with temptations of tobacco, woodsy undertones or the slight acidic romps among fruity teasings. So when … [Read more...]

Review: So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk

Hello, o box of coco-nutty beverageI'm usually a little concerned when something seems pretty straightforward like "Coconut Milk" and then has to remind me it's a beverage. What's up with that anyway? Are people buying this small carton of coco-nutty … [Read more...]