Review: Dreamfields Pasta

Evil? Good? Or neither?Probably by now you've heard about the Dreamfield's issues that have arisen lately. A study shares that a smallish control group of people showed blood sugar spikes similar to regular pasta within hours of eating the touted, … [Read more...]

Review: Sara Lee 45 Calories and Delightful 100% Whole Wheat with Honey Bread

Hey man. You got some bread? No, I'm not obsessed with bread suddenly. You're not going to see me in a corner like Gollum stroking a loaf of bread and drooling on myself while gumming the heels off of the loaf with big, meaty bites. I'm just … [Read more...]

Review: Carb Helper Multi-Grain Bread

Hello Bready!   Caution: This discussion is not gluten-free, so please avert your eyes if you're abstaining from the graining and you find will power waning (Why, yes. I am Eminem).If you're a low carber you could be giving me the face palm … [Read more...]

Review: Newman's Own Organics 70% Super Dark Chocolate

As a huge fan of organics and Newman's Own, I am always up to test one of their amazing products to see whether or not it has a rightful place in the lifestyle of people who are trying to avoid most high-carb temptations. So when my husband told me … [Read more...]

Review: Hormel Natural Choice Uncured Bacon

Every slice is oh so nice. Hormel  Bacon is bacon is bacon... right? Not always. Nitrates and nitrites come under fire often for adding unnecessary chemicals to meats and have ben called out as carcinogenic (cancer causing).King Soopers was … [Read more...]

Product Review: Laura’s Lean Ground Beef

Lean Ground Beef chubs are packaged a little differently than the standard packs It's rarely I give a perfect rating to anything. RARELY. In fact, looking through reviews I've given in the last year, I give less five star ratings than days … [Read more...]

Product Review: Just the Cheese, Crunchy Baked Cheese, Nacho

Never has cheese tasted less cheeselike Last night when my order arrived, we crowded around the box and brought forth this small, tiny bag from the well-cushioned packaging. As a hush sounded around the few, I announced a taste testing for all, and, … [Read more...]

Blue Diamond Nut Thins now available at WalMart! Coupon inside

Our personal favorite. These taste just like Corn Nuts. Yea though I walk through the valley of underpants and DVD's...Thanks to Blue Diamond striking a deal with WalMart stores nationwide, you can score some gluten free* Nut Thin happiness in the … [Read more...]

Review: Steviva Blend

Steviva Blend (on the right). Finally I can bake with Stevia and not toss the results out.   Stevia can be right tricky in recipes, which is why I so rarely used it. Notice the past tense? That's thanks in part to a new product called Steviva, … [Read more...]

Review: Ideal Brown Sugar Substitute

What can brown do for you? Plenty. Have you been searching for an amazing brown sugar blend that doesn't contain actual brown sugar (like other brown sugar subs) to accomplish what we didn't think could be accomplished? Looking for a lower carb sugar … [Read more...]

Review: Ideal No Calorie Sweetner sugar baking substitute

Dynamic duo of sweeteners, resealable for sassy freshness Looking for a lower carb sugar replacement and bake mix with the amazingness of xylitol and the ability to simply measure and pour? Look no further than Ideal No Calorie Sweetener--this stuff … [Read more...]

Review: Ninja Master Prep

Phenomenal ninja powers. source My second blender had (literally) just gone up in smoke when we decided we were through with blenders for awhile. My first blender lasted for 20 second? Due to factory issues, it lasted a week. A … [Read more...]

Review: DaVinci’s Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup

Ever wake up one morning and think to yourself, “Wow! My world would be just a little bit brighter if I had access to sugar free strawberry-flavored syrup?” ZOMG! Mine too! We’re so alike. We should lunch sometime! Enter Davinci’s. Sensing a need … [Read more...]

The KFC Double Down

 Lies! Lies! sourceWe've been seeing them for weeks: Those ads for the KFC Double Down that had America ready to go into a KFC, slap down our five dollah and motorboat those chicken breasts right there in front of the manager and God and … [Read more...]

Walden Farms Calorie Free Caramel Dip

Walden Farms. How you so taunt us with products that occasionally end up tasting like pharmaceuticals. With high hopes for the caramel sauce despite the bad foray into the onion dip in 2008ish, what Walden Farms makes up for in their "0 calorie 0 … [Read more...]