Looking for ways to eat fresh? Try your local farmer's market!

Farmer’s Markets are not only a wonderful way to find fresh produce, but meeting with local growers and supporting their business is a three-way ticket to success!

In our daily lives, there is hardly time to grow vegetables in our yards. I know I had a dog eat my thornless blackberry shrub, and birds ate the cherries. I loved growing tomatoes last year, but a late frost here caused my new crop to succumb to chill and pass out (they still haven’t made a recovery). Now I find I am looking for more sources of in-season fruit and vegetables locally!

You can seek out organic growers locally in a farmer’s market, try new foods you hadn’t tried before, and enjoy fresh air with other people who share a passion for healthy food in a fun environment.

Even more exciting news? Not only is WIC (an organization which provides free nutritional aid and supplemental food to families who fall under a certain income level) now helping people to eat fresh through stipends for fresh foods for farmer’s markets, but grants are also being afforded to seniors to enjoy the bounty of local farmers under the SFMNMP (Seniors Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program).

Now, more than ever, this is a great time to find out more about farmer’s markets in your area!

Click this to find your local Farmer’s Market.

For great tips in getting the most from your farmer’s market, check this link! I love this site!

Support your local farmer and enjoy your bounty in the process!

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