I’ll get you! I’ll get you good!

I’ve been tagged by three friends now.

Just between us (don’t tell them though) (exaggerated wink) in the spirit of friendship, all of them have no idea that they have been signed up for the denture creme club of the month.

That said, in an effort to end my rampant tardiness and to simultaneously avoid putting away the dishes, I bring you the condensed version 2.0, When bloggers attack, wanting to know about me and like me while getting to know me.

I’m Aquarius. No, I have never been caught mooning. “There are things you wouldn’t like about me, Dottie. I’m a rebel. A loner.” I have come to embrace my figure, but I’ve formed the conclusion that I’ll need longer arms. When I was a goth we had to walk uphill, both ways, while wearing elf shoes, just to buy my Bauhaus albums; not like these little emo people today with their fancy bus passes. No, I’ve never sporked someone’s lawn. Yes, but when I was drinking I really thought sparklers really toasted the marshmallows. I like my eyes. They help me to see where I’ve been. So, someone told me I was funny the other day; then she handed me her therapist’s card. I think about a lot of things because t I have a busy mind, and also because it’s cheaper than cable. I am addicted to caffeine and have been known to do lines of cans of Diet Coke per day. I started Atkins for the first time about the time when everyone was Wang Chunging tonight. I was born in the hospital to be near my mom. I dream in color. I’ve woken myself up laughing before. My kids are all named after parts of speech and form a complete sentence when put together. In the McDoogals of the universe, God loved me so much, He had me super-sized; he made the skinny people the chicken mcnoogies. All of the other parolees say I’m a hit at parties. I was raised by a Jew and a 7th day Adventist; I had double the guilt, but extra gifts at Hanukkah and Christmas. Bento is a new hobby of mine. I’m addicted to office supplies. I love the smell of permanent markers. I am humble, and proud of it. Even though I usually wait until the last minute, I finish what I start. Once I switched my toothpaste with the Preparation H; my lips puckered, but my rear had that oh-so-minty feeling. Tingly.

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