Kimkins and the Petition

There has been a lot of controversy over the Kimkins Diet plan, a plan which many, including yours truly, believes is a dangerous VLCD being marketed to a get-thin-fast mentality of people.

I am going to also state that while more people don’t know about Kimkins than do, there is still a great amount of contention regarding the issue.

If you want to see the drama end as much as everyone else, sign the petition to which I’m linking.

The discussion has been important, and the conclusions being reached are essential; still, without ‘authorities’ making committed statements one way or the other, all of the discussion is as much conjecture as what district court judges wear under their robes.

People in the community can only do so much through discussion and research. Now is the time to ask for authority powers to come together and investigate whether the claims are real. It is the time to discuss whether a VLCD which claims you can eat less without hunger, lose a pound a day and never lift a thigh in exercise is a healthy plan.

Finally, it can put to rest whether or not this is a plan which should be relegated to the annals of fad dieting, along with the cabbage soup diet and the pea diet or not.

And the thought of peace in the low-carb lands is enough to make me raise my sparkling water in celebration.

The Petition.

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