Well, Slap my low-carb Buttermilk Biscuits!

I just found out quite by accident (I’m not very technological, unless it has to do with shoes, and those don’t usually blink 12:00) that I’m listed on a list.

That’s right! A list!

Sir Jimmy Moore has come out with his annual ‘Bazillion Blogs to sip your Diet Coke to while waiting for someone at ATT to take your call in English’.

I’m on the NOT AFRAID TO HAVE AN OPINION LOW-CARB BLOGS list, and I’m the last (maybe because he thinks I’m the most opinionated) on the list. Or because I weigh the most. Is it because I weigh the most? If so, I could direct a very tersely-worded haiku your direction, miladdio. I have skills, and I’m not afraid to use them to defend my honor-y stuffness.

Still, he said I’m opinionated. Can you believe he said that?

Me? Opinionated?

Quit laughing.

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  1. Chris kaser says

    where is the recipe for the biscuit?

  2. Really hoping to see the biscuit recipe one day.

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