Who is that bento blogger? Who? Me? No!

I’ve had something published locally with a picture! I have had other things published, but avoid getting the paper because I am generally embarrassed to see my picture in print next to something I’ve written. As a perfectionist I always know I could have written something even better!
I am featured in a section of the Denver Times special section!
Ignore the bad picture of me. It’s… well… me! You’re used to looking at my ugly mug.
Look, instead, at the cute food! Not nearly as cute and savory as the people I link to blog wise in my bento blog, but it’s so much fun! I’m even on a little bit of the cover!
The editor emailed me and asked if I had bigger pictures of bento. I sent them to him and found out they were publishing the bit I’d written about being addicted to bento!
Thank you, editor!I will make you some onigiri shaped like Hello Kitty.
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