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It used to be that when I was upset or sad, I would turn to food to calm me. I would hide from the problem and eat, and bury my issues with food. I was a binge eater. It used to be that as I dealt with a problem, I would turn to food for reward. I … [Read more...]

Of all the towns, your son rode his Nimbus 3000 into mine

It is said that everyone has a doppelganger out there somewhere; someone who looks so much like a celebrity or different person that people tend to mistake them for others, or are reminded how much they resemble another. My son's had been the actual … [Read more...]

Colorado school rules “Tag, you’re not it”

I'm a little behind the news these days, but I wanted to sound off regarding the issue of banning childhood games in the schools before the topic becomes more ancient than Beethoven's powdered wig. I am extremely disappointed in the continued … [Read more...]