Up Yours!

If you’re like me, you’ve been exercising, but you’re always looking for a way to maximize your workout.

My friend 2big and my father-in-law told me to put my treadmill on an incline, so I reluctantly did.

Why incline?

Speaking in terms of physics, the body doesn’t do work when you’re moving the same weight over a constant distance from the ground; however, when you move a weight on an incline, your body is constantly doing work.

Think about it: is it more work to move your body along a hallway or up a flight of stairs? The same principle applies to walking on an incline (aka alpine walking).

Better news? You don’t have to put your treadmill on a steep incline to burn more fat. In many cases, a lower incline on a lower speed burns more calories than walking faster on a 0 incline! It’s so easy to “up” fat burning through incline…

… so “up” yours!

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