Are you nuts? Seedy? An ounce of extended induction

Nuts and seeds are two things I really miss.

Last night I was contemplating the early move to OWL, despite the amount I still have left to lose. My good friend 2big counseled me as I was ready to make for a half of a cup of mashed yams as a side to the lamb gyros I made for dinner.

She told me to re-read Chapters 11-13. I did.

You know what else she told me that I never realized before, even though I thought I knew that book?

Hold onto your bloomers, folks:

You can have an ounce of nuts or seeds in extended induction!

Holy hot ding dang on a pogo stick! An ounce of nuts or seeds! Here I thought I had to wait for the nut/seed rung, and now I feel I can stick to extended induction for a long time now without cravings.

Granted, if you have mold issues or if your blood sugar is as unstable as Naomi Campbell with a cell phone, use this opportunity to try rotating nuts in very slowly. Make note of resulting cravings, hunger, or bloating.

We don’t want you turning into the blueberry chick on Willy Wonka.

The moral of the story? Read the book, and look for those little caveats. I’d never have known had one of my favorite Atkineers ever told me to check chapter 11 again.

Chapter 13 told me I wasn’t ready to move on yet. So, to any of you out there in extended induction, if you have a lot of weight left to go and are not sure what step to take next, read Chapters 11-13.

You might as well be fully informed!

Unlike the time you were waving to the vice principal and then walked face-first into the flag pole.

Not that that ever happened to me.

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