Do you neet a crash diet to lose weight?

Let me tell you! (OK, now I sound like my grandma. She used to knit Pabst beer can panels into hats)

Over the last two weeks I’ve enjoyed:

Red Robin gourmet burgers on home-made buns,
Wendy’s Baconators on home-made buns,
carnitas fajitas,
Sonic egg toasters on home-made buns,
Little Caesar pizza toppings,
lamb gyro with tzatziki,
taco salads
mini pizzas
— you name it.

I haven’t starved myself or depleted myself in any way whatsoever.

I ate fat.

*wafting epsom salts under the nostrils of a low-fat dieter who just passed out*

I exercised, I drank fluids. I suffered the induction flu, and came out feeling fantastic. I have more energy than ever.

And, oh!

By the way, true low-carb believers, I’ve lost 24 pounds in 2 weeks.

You don’t need crash diets or austere eating plans to lose weight. You don’t have to exercise 24 hours a day. Follow Atkins as he wrote the plan, and stick to it. It works for a reason. The first few days are enough to make you levitate from the ceiling and speak in languages you’ve never heard before, but heck on a ham hock– isn’t it worth it in the end?

It took me three months to lose that much weight on Weight Watchers, and while it is a GREAT company with very sound advice, it just didn’t offer the fat. I was hungry all of the time. So 3 months to lose that weight, or two weeks of low-carb sustenance living on Atkins.

How do you explain a loss like that to your local TOPS group?

We’ll find out.

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