Like to weigh daily?

I always weigh on Mondays.

In fact, while I’m a daily weigher, I only mark the weight on my calendar for Mondays.

I do this is because the daily fluctuations might be frustrating, but the weekly numbers serve as better data points over the long term. Since weight loss isn’t linear, especially with the water weight changes from day to day, the longer the space between ‘official’ weighings, the more practical for informational purposes.

So, that said, while I started last Tuesday, the 1st, I am weighing in officially this morning with a 16 pound loss!

Thank you, Dr Atkins!

Taking off Pounds Sensibly

TOPS is a national, not for profit weight loss support group that meets weekly in many areas around the world. I’d been a member for 10 years and let my membership lapse when our move to Colorado came to fruition. I’m headed back today for the added accountability of weighing in every week.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Oopsie Rolls go to Red Robin

Good news on other fronts: The Oopsie rolls (the recipe is the blog entry prior to this one) made it to Red Robin last night to tackle their huge and delicious Bacon Guacamole Burger.

The burger came to the table, and I pulled my buns out of my purse (I was smuggling in low-carb bun contraband) and replaced their bun. (Tip: order the steamed vegetables as the side, and take half home. The veg is on the one-cup per day restriction in induction)I rewrapped my burger with the paper (they’re so big they can fall apart, even with the bun), and was it ever amazingly delicious! I smack-talked everyone at my table with “My burger is better than your burger.” Or, “Want a bite? Oh NO you di’unt!” And then I’d hug my burger and smile. I never spiked my burger on the table in true football fashion, but I broke out with an end zone dance in the parking lot.

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