My buns are spreading across Denver

You knew I had big buns. Now the news is spreading–like my buns.

Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News subscribers in this area have received, this week, a copy of an article referring to the low-carb buns I made by accident when I was cooking one day.

Noe people across the Metroplex can try this recipe and visit their local Wendy’s or Red Robin restaurants, and try something bready!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a fan of eating a hamburger with a knife and fork. As the descendant of some indigenous peoples, or cavemen or just really hungry people, I need to hold my food in my hands. It’s part of the entire eating experience. Touching stuff makes it more real. And when you wrap your fingers around a Red Robin Guacamole Bacon Burger with the Revoloopsie rolls hugging its sweet sweet form, you know you’ve got something pretty special.

You don’t have to be without “bread” any more, low-carbing burger fans!

Now Denver knows that, too. The feedback so far from a sampling of folks across the metroplex has been very positive. Some folks want me to buy them burgers now.

My response? You supply the burgers, and I’ll let you touch my buns.

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