The Many Faces of the Oopsie Roll

Please be sure to check out our pretty extensive array of oopsie roll based recipes here.

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  1. drooooool! Those look good – and, I admit, nothing like what turned out when I tried to make these! I don’t bake, it just doesn’t turn out for me!

    If only you could ship me some…or come visit and teach me how to make these! *sigh*

  2. cleochatra says

    I would ship you some if I was able to Fed-Ex them… LOL!

    The next time, try making just 2 buns at a time. The recipe really lends itself to making a smaller batch by thirds. This way you’re taking a smaller risk!

    I know you’ll get it!

  3. Made the great rolls yesterday! I love the step by step instructions – thanks so much. I cannot wait to make some “garlic bread” – any suggestions to curb the cheesy garlic bread craving? Thanks! Stella

  4. cleochatra says

    I am so glad the tutorial helped!

    I love garlic cheesy bread! There’s something about the texture. You could try taking an oopsie, butter it, pop them under the broiler, and see how they come out.

    You could also toast an oopsie in the toaster if it’s thick enough, add the butter and then pop it under the broiler.

  5. Heya cleo….so glad to have found you again, i will be trying the oopsie rolls soon!!! i met you on ADBB and have to say was sad to find out you had left but at least i can keep in touch now 🙂
    ~susan (aka spirittalker)

  6. Susan! It is so incredibly good to be speaking with you!

    Actually, I never left (how could I leave you?). The owner of the board banned a few of us, and a few more left as a result.

    It has ended up as a blessing, really! I miss you (!!!) and my friends at ADBB, but I am enjoying so much!

    2big and others (Alliecat and ttdriver)post at, and the Atkins board is very popular, as well as the main forum. It is so inspirational, and very supportive.

    I hope you’ll decide to keep in touch both here and through LCF should you decide to check out some new venues! (There is also a very long oopsie roll thread in the recipes section of LCF!)

    Come and say hello to 2big, Barbde, wannabethintoo, desertthorne, (and to me)!

    I love Atkins, and still very much enjoy helping pay it forward to the low-carb community and to friends like you!

    Please keep in touch! I’ve been thinking about you and hoping that all is well on your journey to health and well-being through Atkins.


  7. Hi cleochatra. I found your blog through the pig2twig forum. They are all going crazy for your oopsie rolls over there. I made them for the first time today and they are amazing! I have photographed them for my blog…just checking you’re ok for me to link back to here?
    Can’t wait to try a few more of your recipes.

  8. cleochatra says

    Hi, Tulip! Thanks so much for your feedback. Sure, you can link to me!

    Thank you for asking!

    It’s nice to meet you.


  9. Hello and I just wanted to say I love the Oopsie recipes and pictures of them. I just have a question about texture. I made a batch and they looked like the pictures on the outside but mine were so light in texture. The pictures I’ve seen here look like they have more of a bread like or dense texture. Maybe I spread mine too thin? The pictures also look crispy and mine were like air. Thanks for any advice you may for me. Have a wonderful day.

  10. Hi, Stacy! they tend to be a little on the airy side, to be honest. I tend to let mine sit out to dry out. Otherwise they can border on spongy.

    If you live in a moist, humid climate, you might want to try keeping them in the fridge, or giving them a couple more minutes in the oven to help them set even more.

    I hope this helps!

  11. Jenny Patterson says

    I just found out something about Oopsies, I did an oopsie myself when trying them for the first time tonight. I accidentally forgot to change the temp on the oven down from 375, remembered after about 20 minutes. My oopsies were done, but they were NOT light and airy, they were flat and a bit on the dry side. They still worked to make a BLT with. But I look forward to trying another batch, baked at the correct temp

  12. I made Oopsie rolls last night and the first batch I totally muffed! (they ended up like baked custard) which wasn't so bad 😉 however the second batch are fine. I'm looking forward to making pizza tomorrow night with cauliflower.. I knew there had to be some useful way to cook that veg!! Thanks for sharing, I'm so glad I found this blog 🙂

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