VLCDs like Kimkins makes 'heroes' out of few

My husband and I were watching Season Two episodes of “Heroes” last night.
Season 2 is downloadable through the internet, and, being the uber-awesome computer technogeek that he is, he was able to make our television into a slave monitor for our computer. This is incredibly cool, especially since watching tv from a computer monitor isn’t exactly easy for a long stint of time.

*******Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen Season Two, you might want to read the bottom portion at another time*******

As you’ll know by now, if you’re a “Heroes” fan, Sylar is alive and lounging on a tranquil beach in what appears to be Mexico (Chapter 26, Kindred). He awakens to the beautiful form of a woman named Candice who tells him of his near-demise at the end of the first season, and how she had saved him.

Forcing Candice to tell him what is really happening, the backgrounds fade, and Sylar soon realizes that not only is he not in Mexico, but that he is in a top-secret, hidden facilities with an open wound in his chest, strapped to an operating table. He howls in anger and physical pain.

He attempts to use his powers. None come.

As he becomes intensely aggravated with his inability to use any of his afore-garnered abilities, Candice shows herself as one who can shift reality to make his life better. She appears to him as a gorgeous woman in a flattering red top, flipping her hair, very sexily assuring an agitated Sylar that she’s his guide. That she’s her answer.

That he needs her.

She serves him eggs.

Now furious with rage at his situation (if not his breakfast), she attempts to appease him through shape-shifting her form (he’s the penultimate baddy), changing flawlessly to twin cheerleaders, to a buxom brunette, to a visage of himself. She can be anything he wants her to be, so long as he brings her along for the ride.

He answers her smugness with a coffee mug upside her head, and she dies (Chinese coffee mugs! Killing bad guys since 2007).

The camera pans and re-situates on the currently-lifeless form of a now obese woman lying on the floor with a red top.

Sylar says something to the effect of, “You never were real. You should have been yourself.”

And… scene! (I’ll be in my trailer. Bring hair and makeup).

Even in her so-called “true form” Candice showed herself as thin and incredibly pretty to Sylar. Now Sylar wasn’t even sure what her name was.

My husband turned to me and said, “Oh! That’s like the Kimmer woman. She shifted her form and lied to people, too.”

Ironically, she wore red, and served eggs to someone who wanted real answers.

Kimkins is a very low calorie diet (VLCD) plan which seeks to remove carbohydrates as well as fat, with at least one plan requiring a maximum level of 500 calories per day, plus exercise (Boot Camp). This plan is so lacking in nutrients and medical reality that many have succumbed to various medical maladies as a direct result, from hair loss, to heart palpitations, to hospitalization due to blacking out.

Ironically, like Candice, the diet’s founder was found to be morbidly obese, only after a private detective was hired to investigate her.

This particular episode of “Heroes” dangerously mimics life and its lessons.

Don’t believe everything you see, especially when people can change form and do sometimes lie to convince you that you need them.

Unlike Heroes, however, no one wishes Heidi Diaz (the founder of an extremely medically questionable very low calorie diet) dead. Far from it. Sylar, being a bad dude, is going to kill folks. We know that’s his MO. That’s what he does to drain the powers from others.

That is where the likeness between fiction and reality ends.

But Kimmer/Diaz? She’s a shape shifter, a loner who wills people into her reality and sells them the soylent green promises of health and weight loss. She tells people they need her, and she promises to be whatever they need, so long as they’ll eat her eggs. Sometimes we haven’t even known her true name. The aliases change with the likenesses.

Is that her “power”? Is that her “ability”?

If so, it certainly makes her no “Hero.”

No hero at all.

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