Well, nuts.

It sometimes goes from bad…

And then there are the down days.
Today my older son sat in a Denver high school, laughing with friends, talking about music, the usual teenage fare, wondering if songs, played backwards, was a myth, or whether it really said anything at all.
Thursday, today, sunny day, and all were in a good mood. John and Terry, Sue, Leslie and Mark were waiting for the class bell to sound, ready for lunch, where they’d see other friends, and discuss weekend plans over pizza and nachos.
They said their goodbyes and embarked down cement stairs to the loud, echoing sounds of hungry teenagers moving towards the same location.
Terry never made it to lunch.
Screams were heard through the hallways, as Ann was stabbed brutally in the “a” corridor. Moments later, police apprehended the suspect. It was Terry.
John now says he’s bothered by the fact that he saw the scissors sticking from the pocket of his friend. “I didn’t think anything of it, “he said, “This was Terry we’re talking about.” Terry, who was always on an even-keel. Terry, who was well-liked. Terry, who was the nicest guy he knew.
Terry, who stabbed a young woman in a school hallway with a pair of scissors while others were in class.
John is not so sure what bothers him most now, as he plays the day back in his mind, over and over. He wishes he could have stopped what he never even knew was about to happen.
If he could have played the day backwards, would it have mattered? Not unlike that myth about music, would it really have said anything at all?
…to worse.
Craigslist tip #4693.3

Never let your spouse buy a vehicle from craigslist when the person selling it claims they lost the title.

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  1. OMG your son was there? i heard about this. *sigh*

  2. cleochatra says

    My son is friends with the young person who committed the stabbing. He was with him just a few minutes before the boy started attacking the girl in the hall way. He says he’s still in shock. He says this is the nicest guy!

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