May the Oopsies Be With You

Photoshopping done by the very talented XSugarBabe

Long Ago
In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…
There was a blogger who came upon a
fortuitous mistake in her kitchen. It was then that the oopsie
was given form from nothingness, and permeates the galaxy…

I’ve been laughing my rear end off at Active Low Carber Forums this last week with a group of folks who have be doubled over in laughter over a topic that we have probably seen a little of (or, for some, enough of).

Case in point:

Oopsie rolls.

You’ve heard of them. We’ve all heard of them. This blog’s over 38,000 page views means others are hearing of them. A schlub like me doesn’t become well-known because of my hair (It is pretty good hair though).

It’s spawning legends, some pretty darned funny commentary, and pictures that made me almost fall out of my chair when I saw them…

Read this thread and laugh along

I’m serious. From everyone, including the author of the thread, XSugarBabe, LessLiz, PJ and her bright pink Oopsie and rendering of my face, I am spitting Diet beverages everywhere.

So, if you’re sick to bloody death of oopsies, hearing of oopsies, and how they save marriages, have provided short-term housing for flood disaster victims, and make people lose even more weight, read along, laugh, and know we’re all in for the ride together.

Long live the oopsie, o bread to my Baconator!

And long live the humor of great folks like those at Active Low Carber Forums.

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  1. Hi, I just stumbled on to your blog after doing some research for Somersizing. Your recipes look de-lish and congrats on your phenominal weight loss!! I’ve been on Weight Watchers for months. The weight is not coming off very fast and I’m always hungry. Can you please give those of us who are not familiar with this way of eating some tips and possibly some secrets to your success? Best to you ~ Theresa

  2. The Former Donut Junkie says

    The Next Big Thing…

    Miss Cleo as a special guest with Paula Deen! I can just hear Paula saying, “and like always y’all, put some mo’ butta’ on them sweet Oopsies…mo’ butta’, mo’ betta!!!

    Resistance [to Oopsies] is futile…you will be assimilated!!!

    Ron, aka The Former Donut Junkie

  3. Hi, Theresa!

    Thank you so much for your kind words, both regarding my success so far and for the recipe kudos!

    I did Weight Watchers and I was usually hungry– butbutbut, Weight Watchers works really well for folks who tend to have stable blood sugar and can tolerate the higher-carbohydrate plan.

    If you want variety in your meals, but still want to lose weight without hunger, I really recommend looking either into Weight Watcher’s Core Program (low-carb, I think? Maybe someone else can help) , or look at Dr Thompson’s Low Glycemic Diet. I love Thompson’s plan. The losses are slower, but I am never hungry when following it!

    I am on Atkins right now because I want faster weight loss. I do exercise a lot, and try to keep carbs as low as possible. I also eat only when hungry and stop when not (save for today, I horked an extra couple of pieces of pizza and feel like a porkchop).

    Let me know what you’re thinking, and I’d be glad to help you!

  4. LOL, Ron!

    So long as she doesn’t say, “Well butter mah biscuits!”

    I’d have to change it to “oopsies”! but then it might sound like she’s talking about putting Oleo on her chest.

    Are you a Sci Fi fan? I wonder how Babylon 5 would incorporate Oopsies to promote interplanetary peace…

    (Not that I ever wonder that. Really. Well, admittedly.)

  5. You are sooooo cooool! I love the picture! Miss Oopsie Queen!!!! Keep those creative ideas coming…


  6. I love how slimming those oopsies rolls are on the sides of my head…

  7. Hi Cleo:
    Thanks for the advise. I’m going to get Dr. T’s book, but I have one other question. Suzanne Somers’ plan is similar, but with food combining, (ie. no carbs with proteins or fats in the same meal). Also, can you have diet sodas and other caffeine drinks, (w/o sugar, of course). Thanks so much for the help!

  8. Cleo!!! Thanks so much for posting the recipe…I am a big fan of your cooking (and website). I am in maintenance and yet I am losing inches because of your oopsies and now the wonderful cauliflower pizza and lasagna! I am going to try your other recipes next. You are a gem! Keep up the excellent work. It has truly allowed me to enjoy cooking again.


  9. Thanks so much for your contributions to making the oopsies a bun for all seasons!

    It’s nice knowing, too, that oopsies and the other recipes are working as options regardless of what phase of the plan you’re following.

    Congratulations on your weight loss success! You are an inspiration!

  10. Good morning, Theresa!

    I have caffeine and diet drinks. I would be too unbearably grumpy without them.

    I’d be like PMS without the PM.

    I’d be like Ghengis Khan minus the cool moustachio.

    I’d be like Mad without the Max.

    (I think you’re getting the picture here).

    Yes, in a perfect world, I know that blood sugar wooblies and hunger and crankiness and cravings and sometimes stalls are all very real results of diet beverages, and especially of caffeine, and caffeinated diet beverages, they are something I’m working towards.

    Dr T gives the warning signs of caffeine and diet drinks, but he doesn’t go all nutsy futzy about drinking 3 gallons of water per day. He says that you should drink to thirst and that there is water in the food we eat and in the beverages we drink (even when it’s not simply water).

  11. Good morning, Cleo. Thanks so much for the info. I just made my decision to not do the Somersize thing and wait for Dr. T’s book. The idea of food combining and omitting caffeine doesn’t appeal to me. This low-carb thing is something I’ve totally scoffed at, so I have to admit I’m entering into it a little apprehensively. But after seeing so many great results for so many people and reading the chemistry behind it, it totally makes sense. Hunger is my downfall, so the idea that I can eat to satisfaction makes this WOE very appealing. I’ve bookmarked your page and will be using your much needed and appreciated wisdom 🙂 Think of me as your new ‘Jedi in training’. Have a great day! Theresa

  12. How many points in Weight Watchers would an oopsie be?

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