Oopsie consolidation, Eli Manning, and Progress

Boop Boop Be D’oopsie

Requests by friends have been made to put oopsie recipes in one spot, preferably with pictures. I’m going to start doing this with permission of oopsie recipe folks from various boards, so it could take some time.

Still, if you check along the right side column, you’ll already see the trappings of a conglomeration of recipes, both oopsie and non-oopsie.

I am going to re-learn HTML, and then I’ll really be able to put links with words…together! In list form!

It’s so 1999!

Eli Manning.

The man. The quarterback. The legend.

For you fan-tasty (a fortuitous typo, so I’m owning it because I’ve been up since 3:45 am) football adherents out there, he was one of my two quarterbacks. This also means I think he’s pretty swell.

While he failed to deliver consistently during the season for my FF team hopes, he came through in the end, and with the drive of Jessica Simpson graduating from reading “ABC” books writing her own, even if hers started with “I are smart.”

Don’t make me come over there

So how did you do during the big game? Hopefully the only thing you nibbled vicariously was your finger nails and not chalupas during the fourth quarter.

I can’t tell you how accountable I am this time around, in no small part due to TOPS. I hate going in with a gain, so I busted hump this week, after stalling out a little.

I ate a couple of extra chicken wings and a flax cracker chock full of the rocking taco dip (I’ll include these recipes today after I upload pictures) I made, but I remembered TOPS and the fact that I had to hit the treadmill after the game. I put in a little extra exercise last night and I stayed faithfully on plan (not that it’s hard when you get to eat boneless wings and taco dip!).

In short, the adipose gods were kind.

I’m down three more pounds this week.

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  1. 3 more lbs? that’s awesome!!! i’m so proud of well you’re sticking to your plan pookie!!! *HUGS*

  2. cleochatra says

    Thank you, boopie!

    I am really excited. Or, as my young’un used to say, “I’m so be-cited!”

  3. Fabulous job on your loss that’s great and on super bowl weekend too!

    I really appreciate your recipe ideas too – I’m going to try the flax cracker next time we have taco salad – pig chips just don’t do it for me. 🙂

  4. cleochatra says

    Gak! I ate way too many pork rinds in 1984. Ever since then, I can’t handle them. Having flax crackers as an option is fantastic!

    The flax crackers are so easy to make and man, are they good!

  5. gotta try the flax crackers when it gets a little later in the day. its 4.30am . cant sleep so here I am back on your great site.SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad i found u on facebook.

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