Oopsies on the Road

I was starving this morning, but had oopsie rolls along, so I hit Sonic for a sausage, egg and cheese breakfast toaster (hold the cheese to the side or it sticks to their crappy toast). I popped it on an oopsie and had an instant breakfast.

No, you shouldn’t have to rely on restaurants for food when there are so many healthy choices at home; but by golly, when you’re out running errands, you sometimes have to eat. Having oopsies means you can hold your food with your hands, too.

Oopsies: enabling my hands on my food since 2007.

As an aside, someone says Oopsie is too cute a name for these (I love Hello Kitty so I love cute! But I guess a 6’4″ guy in a college dorm isn’t going to swell on his oopsies). Even though they’re a mistake in the kitchen, maybe a new name is in order. They’re just screwed-up Revolution Rolls.


Oopsie recipe here

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  1. I had this for breakfast yesterday…with tomato :).

  2. cleochatra says

    That sounds so refreshing! I love tomato… *deep sigh*

  3. I meant to add…I LOVE the name oopsies. It simply cannot and should not be changed…my opinion of course. I could be wrong, but I’m not ;).

  4. cleochatra says

    Well, there you have it!

    (I’m not going to argue with someone who’s right).

  5. Wifezilla says

    Just stopped by to say HI and great job 😀

    50 lbs lost is nothing to sneeze at!

  6. O-Buns
    O-shi..Buns (hee) 😀

  7. O-Buns
    O-shi…Buns (hee) 😀

    YumBuns? (kinda like that)


  8. …and thanks for the nice things you said about me :*

    This year…gonna get to goal. 🙂 Yes we are.

  9. IdolJunky says

    Call it F’d Buns. I think a college guy will have no problem with that. Then he can brag to his buddies the next day that he F’d Buns last night.

  10. cleochatra says


    Thank you, neighbor! I appreciate it. Hopefully, at my weight I burn calories when I sneeze.

  11. cleochatra says

    jenna– LOL! Those are great. I think it could be all one really long name, like “O-BunsOh-BunsO-shi…Buns YumBunsEggBunsCleoBuns”

    It’s almost like a rousing chorus for a tavern drinking song.

    Speaking of, here is to goal this year! *raising my… well… wordy bunsin your honor*

  12. cleochatra says

    LOL idoljunky.

    Now I don’t care you are. That right there is funny.

  13. Hi,

    I just found your blog and I must say it was just what I needed to reenergize my low carb mentality. I have been lowcarbing since Jan 1 too, with only a 15 lb loss(need to lose 60) and none the last month so my enthusiasm has waned. Some humor is just what I needed. I will be checking back.

  14. cleochatra says

    WOW, robin!

    You’re already 25% to goal! That is tremendous!

    What plan are you following?

    The great thing about low-carbing is that there might be plateaus and stalls, but the reasons for them aren’t limitless. There is always something that can be sussed out as a viable reason through trial and error.

    Sometimes it’s something you could be showing an aversion to causing a stall (like aspartame or sugar alcohols), or too many calories (I used to eat a cup of mayonnaise a day back in 2004. I still throw up in my mouth a little bit thinking about it), or too many carbs.

    If you need any help to try and work that inner dietary detective, let me know.

  15. Cleo – we can’t change the name of oopsies now. I’ve already said it to my husband and had to explain them. I can’t go through that again.

    And how is it that we go on vacation and eat practically the same things, except he ate Whataburger and I didn’t and he drank Coke and I didn’t and we hiked 3 or 4 miles nearly every day and he lost 1 lb. and I gained 6? I guess the ice cream we had for dinner in Albuquerque could have something to do with it.

  16. Now my Dear.. there can be no changing of the NAME… oopsies.. isn't there somewhere in the Nat Registery about not changing a name thingy.. sooo my dear.. the guys can just deal with it.. an oopsie is an oopsie hehehe.. Thanks for the smiles.. it's been a nasty ..TAX FIGURING DAY.. BUT IT IS DONE.. DONE YA HEAR..HEHEHE HUUGS DEAR LADY..

  17. One day at a time says

    no don't change the name…I Love the name….perfect!

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