S'now Joke

TOPS…. Probably not a go

They generally cancel TOPS on snowy days due to ice slippage of various people. You don’t want to go into the parking lot and see chubby folks making snow angels against their will.

On to the next goal

I may or may not have told you this, but I promised my kids I would lose 150 pounds this year. They’ve been concerned about my health (and rightfully so) and I’m not one to make promises I won’t keep.

I’m one-third of the way there. Now for the next 50 pounds.

How are you meeting your personal goals for the year so far? It’s never too late to start making positive changes for 2008.

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  1. Congrats on losing the first 50!

    150 lbs though? Really? From your picture, it’s hard to imagine you needing to lose that amount. Well if anyone can do it, it’s you.

    You have so much determination its contagious. I’ve been lurking for a few weeks and because of you, I’m ready to give low carb another try. Thanks! I’ll be rooting for ya.

    P.S. I’ve been craving oopsies like you wouldn’t believe and I’ve never even had one lol.

  2. dangergirl says

    Congrats to you Jamie! I am so happy for you 🙂 I just completed week #2 of Induction, and I’ve only lost 1 lb. I think I may have been eating too much cheese. I just got Dr. Atkins’ book a couple of days ago, so I’m hoping this will shine the light on what I’ve been doing wrong. Also, I haven’t been drinking much water. My Ketostrips show that I’m in Ketosis, so I don’t know what’s going on. Any suggestions you could give would be much appreciated. Enjoy the snow days! I wish we had more here in Seattle 🙂 Theresa

  3. Whoo!! Hooo!!
    Congratulations on the big 5-0!

    I’m guessing there’s a shiny thing at TOPS waiting for you.

    Thanks for sharing your weight loss journey.

  4. I love your stories!

    I think I wrote before that my eyes were opened when I read Gary Taubes’ book “Good Calories, Bad Calories” last October. I’ve been eating very low carb since then and I’ve lost an average of 5 pounds a month without being hungry. My goal was to get off blood pressure medication and I’ve quit taking 2 out of 3 and my pressure now averages 118/68, it was 160/90. I’ve lost more that 2 inches around my waist and that is what has helped the B/P the most. I would like to eat like this forever and eventually weigh 20-30 pounds less.

    Two things I’ve noticed about low carbing is that I’m never starving and when I do eat, food tastes better and brighter, one bite of fruit is practically psychedelic!


  5. OhYeahBabe says

    Ouchie! That might leave a mark! Hope you’re not too sore from your fall.

    Congrats on the 50 pound loss! You’ve lost a 4 year old, I think!
    My blog: Kimorexia

  6. I wonder if I can keep up with you for the next 50? I don’t lose as fast as you but I’m willing to give it the ol college try!

    I believe I’d be at goal if I do.

  7. Oh Cleo, im doing so bad….And keep gainning weight. I am happy u are doing so good. I check your blog everyday, but somedays even though i dont leave any comments…..Big Kiss from Cold Germany

  8. LessIsMore says

    Congrats, Jamie! Fifty big ones! You’re my hero!


  9. Nice job – my tuque is off to you!

    PS We had snow flurries this afternoon, but hopefully we will make it into the 40’s this weekend, so my tuque will stay off 🙂

  10. Congratulations Jamie!!! Like Melinda wrote, If anyone could do this (loose 150 POUNDS)is you. I never imagined that you, a complete stranger to me (and not a movie/television star) would motivate me to loose weight the way you do. THANK YOU. Is it a lot to ask (translation: BEG) to share with all of us your typical menu? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!! Remember me? I’m the one who eat Jello with rinsed peaches… BTW, I substituted milk for Cremora… WRONG!!! Brutality is not allowed.

  11. I hope you’re too not sore from your fall. I hate falling down, it’s so abrupt!

    I need to re-read the book too, I have to much information in my head from so many low carb diets I confuse them!

    I’m excited about trying the oopsie recipe.

    Thanks for the entertaining stories.


  12. Hummingbird says

    WOW! The Big Five-Oh! Congrats!
    You must be so thrilled! And I am thrilled FOR you! I’ve been reading your blog for almost 2 weeks; ever since I started this WOE (SomerSizing) – I’ve lost 4 lbs. 26 more to go! You are so beautiful and giving and funny! Thank you for ALL that you share. You could CHARGE for this, ya know? We’d all gladly pay for your writings & recipes! You’re THAT good! Oh I made your Cauliflower Crust Pizza on Friday – YUM! Can’t wait to try the Oopsie Rolls – esp the OMGBLT! 😉
    Your new fan,
    Diane aka Hummingbird

  13. cleochatra says

    Hi guys! Sorry for not writing sooner. We’re dealing with flu in the house, so it’s been pretty icky around here. I didn’t want to breathe on you guys and make you sick.

  14. cleochatra says

    lani– Thank you so much! Oh trust me. I have a lot of weight to lose. That picture is a year old! I was about 50 pounds less than I am now. I’ll snap a new picture when I hit that weight again.

    I use that photograph for the Denver Post site/print of the weekly article in their insert, and it cracks me up because I look goofy. So I kept it.

    Keep me posted on your progress! I am excited for the journey you’re about to begin!


  15. cleochatra says

    Theresa– Way to go on 2 weeks of induction!

    If you’re in ketosis, don’t worry about the losses just now; though if you think you’re overdoing the cheese, you could be. Slap me a menu of what you eat in a day and let me take a look.

    Are you feeling better? I know I feel fantastic when I’m Atkinsing. Notsomuch when I’m not.

    Hang in there! You’re a star!


  16. cleochatra says

    Melinda– I am so impressed with your blood pressure numbers. To me, those are even more important than weight. High blood pressure is absolutely miserable.

    You are such a success, and I’m sure proud of you!

    Your psychedelic fruit metaphor cracked me up. They’re now more magically delicious.

    I’m pulling for you as you’re nearing your goal!

  17. cleochatra says

    OYB– Thank you for your concern. It’s embarrassing when you’re slipping and sliding in public, but I usually yell, “That was a ’10! Darn those French judges!” (Old figure skating Olympic joke)

  18. cleochatra says

    lisa– Well, let’s go, then!

    50 pounds, here we come!

    Keep me posted on your progress!


  19. cleochatra says

    lilipoot– Sometimes the recipes are what does me in. It’s easy for me to eat too much of something when I’m trying things in the kitchen, so I’m slowing things down a little on that front. You’re tiny as it is, so keep warm, and stick with making those cute foods–but without eating beyond hunger.

    I’m sending you warmth from a Colorado snow bank…


  20. cleochatra says

    frisco– You take off the tuque and hand it to me. I’m freezing. Fifty degrees one day, 21 the next. No wonder people here catch so many variations of flu.

  21. cleochatra says

    nilda– It’s all a learning curve, isn’t it? It’s rough when you’re starting out because there is still so much to learn along the way.

    I will start posting menus occasionally, but I can’t do it as a daily situation, simply because it causes me to obsess about food.

    That, and if I eat pizza for three meals per day some days I don’t want a lecture (There are veggies in that pizza–honest).

  22. cleochatra says

    Blue– the book is a lifesaver. I still read it.

    I loved your ‘abrupt’ness with regards to falling down. Yeah, gravity does bring me down.

  23. cleochatra says

    Diane– you are so sweet–and already making tremendous headway to goal! You’re going to be there in no time at the rate you’re going!

    Thanks so much for the kind words and the kudos, and keep me posted. I know very little about Somercizing.

  24. dangergirl says

    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond to our comments, Jamie! I do feel great! In order to curb my sweet tooth the first week, I was eating low carb ‘cheesecake’. It was made of cream cheese, cream, and Splenda. I think I was eating about 8oz of it, (1/2 the recipe!). Now that I’m reading the book and no longer have much of a sweet tooth, I’m hoping I’m on track. A typical day for me is: Breakfast: 2 eggs, string cheese Lunch: tuna w/ mayo, 1 boiled egg, pork rinds, Dinner: chicken breast, steak, or hamburger patty with a salad and blue cheese dressing. If I have dessert, it’s now s/f jello. Also, I have to admit I am NOT a water drinker. I started drinking it yesterday. Thanks for the encouragement and for looking at my menu, Jamie. I really appreciate any feedback you or the other readers could give me 🙂 Theresa

  25. Hi,
    Congrats on the weight loss! I found your blog when looking for cauliflower recipes and can’t wait to try your pizza crust. I also can’t wait to try the oopsies- do they have to have the packet of splenda? Ive been trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners, but I do use stevia… Ive been doing Dr. Simeons protocol with hcg to lose weight (and its worked!). I’m actually thinking about moving to Colorado- I spent summer of 2005 in an internship in Colorado Springs and loved it (Im in Pittsburgh now). On the other hand, Ive always been a huge Packers fan- are you also mourning #4 since you grew up in Wisconson? Anyway, thanks for the great recipes!!

  26. cleochatra says


    Well, I’m thankful to have friends who read my blog and want to talk to me, so I am going to do my best to talk back.

    Water is one of those things people tend to not be able to agree on. Some say you need 64 ounces plus an extra 8 for every 25 pounds overweight. Yeah, RIGHT! There’s no way in heck I drink that kind of fluid!

    Dr Thompson wrote an amazing book about low glycemic loads, and I like that he claims that people should drink when thirsty, period. He says there is water in other beverages and in foods, so the assumed need for the 64 + ounces is overrated unless you really are thirsty.

    That said, pork rinds are high sodium and could be causing water retention, especially if you’re feeling bloated. I don’t see anything suggestion you’re eating too much cheese, unless you feel you are craving cheese with extreme prejudice and feel generally bloated, sniffly, or lousy after having had it (which points to a moldy food/yeast intolerance.

    I know that in the past, moldy foods have caused me problems. Anyone with real sugar cravings sometimes are being led by their small intestines where the yeast overgrowth wants to be fed (and with sugar). Sounds weird and alien, but it could be an issue if you’ve had problems with yeast overgrowth before (which can lead to depression, lethargy, cravings, bloating, etc).

  27. cleochatra says

    Hey, jamball!

    Thanks so much for your kind words, and woohoo on being possible neighbors again. I’ll send you some snow.

    Yes, I’m going to miss Brett! He seems like a great guy, and I hope he’ll find something to keep him happy and busy post-football– other than doing the retired football QB stint as a car dealer… That seems so overplayed these days.

    No. You do not need Splenda for the oopsies at all. I didn’t use them in the last batch.

    Instead, I added dry mustard and dill.

    The splenda was probably to avert any of the eggy flavor away from the original Revolution Roll recipe– but the cream cheese really negates the need for any sweet.

  28. dangergirl says

    Thanks for looking at my menu. I measured myself and have lost a couple of inches all over. The only other thing I could think that might be stalling me is diet drinks. The way I understand it, they say you shouldn’t drink them because they may cause more sugar cravings, but this isn’t the case in my situation, (my sugar cravings have pretty much subsided). Thanks again for taking the time to help me out! Theresa

  29. cleochatra says

    Theresa– keep me posted on your progress! I am so proud of you and your choices for positive and healthy living!

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