Sunday Night. My link don’t stink!

First, check this picture out from this week’s article. Go ahead. Click to resize (no, it’s not a plot for page hits–ooh burn! Bo knows I’m razzing him. Now he’s going to let me have it. Why am I talking to myself?).

That picture is what happens when your husband is a comedian. Thanks, honey. The nose ring was a NICE touch.


I’m feeling fat and sassy tonight! I’ve had mah pizza (no no kitty! not your pizza), and I’m finally catching up before Monday hits and the chaos begins again.

Hopefully you have a plan for some of that chaos coming at you on the Peewee Herman bike of iniquity.

The link– Thank you… it was the flash, and other junk

Thanks so much for checking the load time on yesterday’s link. I had a great response from friends letting me know what was up with that Denver Post site (a hell of a lot more than expected– which explains why my numpty brain couldn’t figure it out).

I seriously had to ask because some people are telling me that the place loads slower than anything. My husband whines. My friends whine. People whine. And then I whine. It’s a lot of whining.

Between everyone helping out, I think we figured out that the flash-based advertisements, coupled with dial up and a slower computer will all cause slower page loading. Firewalls are also probably the cause (at least in work situations).

Now I come to you, Bo (a cool reader who made me belly laugh earlier). Dude, if I knew I was going to get that many page hits asking for help from this site, I would have pulled that number ages ago instead of then asking folks to support me later on. Now I almost wish I’d have come up with it. I didn’t even know that many folks read my blog. I feel dirty! And really popular.

But mostly dirty.

And a little popular.

But really dirty. And popular.

Readers: mine isn’t the brain of a cunning mastermind. You have to remember, I’m the person who puts my underwear on backwards and wonders why they feel suddenly thongy.

As an added show that I mean what I say, I am no longer an affiliate for any businessesand all links even to companies are gone. To me, the added hassle of seeming impropriety gives me hives. I hate muddied waters, so there won’t be any.

Shelby– It’s also not a pay per click site for sure. It’s a site owned by The Denver Post and The Rocky Mountain News, and they regularly publish my work in print locally. It’s fully legitimate! The papers have the biggest circulation in Colorado, and I’m one of the folks they pick from to publish locally. They published a piece of mine this week, too. It’s really something I appreciate, even if I’m not a paid writer at this point. It’s nice to feel appreciated.

Now for the asking for support

The Denver Post/Rocky Mountain News is offering a possible prize for writers who receive over 2,000 page hits in the month of March as a one-time promotion for the site.

At the top of the page (the nose ring picture article) is what they’ve generally been publishing of mine fairly regularly.

The link clicking is huge this time, however– it’s for a little bit more notoriety in the Denver area. It will also lead to more opportunities to spread the word about low-carb life, and hopefully with some humor thrown in (like the leg shaving incident).

Plus, with a small cash amount available, it would mean I was finally a paid, published writer, even if it is a one-time dealio.

What started out as a trickle has ended up with a lot of folks finding the site quicker than I’d planned for various reasons. I certainly didn’t expect 1300 page views in two days (and this is by 1300 people, according to the webmaster)! I was thinking I’d be squeaking in at the last minute with 300 views. Maybe. If I was lucky and sacrificed some extra virgin olive oil to the internet gods.

It’s happening a little faster than I anticipated, to be sure.

So, if you are looking for a darned good cauliflower pizza recipe with updated nutritional information and information for lactose intolerant folks, and want to support a low-carb schlub in a quest to blow the doors off of those 2,000 page views for no other reason than to say we did it, I’d sure appreciate your page views!

Note: Don’t keep clicking, because you only count once (so the plot for page views doesn’t work anyway, because one visit counts and no more do after that).

You don’t have to register or leave a comment. This is just a page view situation if you haven’t already been there. And if you want to tell a friend, that is much appreciated as well!

I thank you. Your mother thanks you. Abraham Lincoln thanks you. The guy who looks at you funny when you wave at him thanks you.

I’ll let you know if I win, or garner any notoriety, though nothing around here will change. You guys are stuck with me for the long haul. As usual.

Stop looking like you just sniffed a bad burrito. That was supposed to be our happy, heart warming moment.


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  1. woo hoo Cleo now if everybody will add a page on their blogs to cleo’s linked to page she’d have way more clicks cause surely everybody who reads Cleo has at least 2 friends who own a computer and could click her so she’d then have 3900 clicks and if you could convince a reader to post it on their blog well then a very deserving writer of low carb recipes and funny life events would be $2000 richer so what is everybody waiting for go blog and use the right link

    oh and Cleo could you eliminate the typing quiz to leave a commnet I seem to fail it evdery time I try to commnet.

  2. cleochatra says

    LOL! You’re feisty!

    The thing is, it’s only like $250! It’s not much, but the support itself is really what is important because I really want to show folks that there is a big, special low carb community out there! It’s a shout out in general. I want the editors to see this and go WOW– And they have already!

    To me, this has already been a success! I really look forward to the future in general, and it’s because I realize now how many awesome people are out there!

    I changed the comment box. You don’t have to type things now. They’ll still be moderated, but that’s no big.

    Thanks again for being so sweet.

  3. Hey Cleo…
    I LOVE that you are working so hard to get the Low Carb message mainstream in a positive light, we get enough bad press and turned up noses – Thank you for using your God-given talent to spread the love.

    And I will click anything you need clicked if it will help get you published in bigger arenas – I think everyone deserves a chance to have little Cleo in their day! Life is meant to be good, and you help make it that way.

  4. Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
    anyhow thanks for the good read!

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