Cooking for Six– A New Feature

This is a new feature I’m adding to this blog for various reasons:

1. Because I know a lot of folks out there are feeling the food pinch, it’s important to know it is healthy and reasonable to feed your family healthy foods;

2. I know the difficulty of feeding 4 kids and a husband on a daily basis;

3. To enable you to have more time for yourself and less time worrying about what is happening in the kitchen of to your pocketbook.

This feature was prompted by a friend of mine at ElyseElyse was talking about how expensive it is to feed a family whole foods. I jumped into the fray and yelled (because I’m super-deep), “NUH-UH!!!”

I then began saving every receipt from the last three months of shopping. Why? Because I planned to show that it isn’t necessarily expensive to feed a family a lower-car/glycemic load lifestyle. The problem with saving so many receipts was that I have a stack of receipts like you wouldn’t believe, and I have lost all of my will to try and make sense of them.

So, instead of trying to go on a week-by-week basis, I am going to present some meals, how much they cost to prepare, and recipes when they are introduced.

I hope to present ideas to you, whether you have autistic kids, ones with gluten intolerances, or who need to cut back on the processed foods for reasons of health. These ideas will hopefully appeal to most in the home, and will be cost-effective, as well as healthy (or reasonably so!).

These menus which will be given are suggestions only, and your prices will differ in your part of the country.

Tomorrow will be the first installment, and I’ll be covering breakfast.

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  1. Nancy Ellyn says

    Cleo, I admire you so much.

    I watched “Autism, The Musical” with my nineteen year old daughter. We were so touched by this documentary. She ended up writing about it, the increasing cases of autism and the societal effect of autism, for her university newspaper.

    I actually told her to contact you for a personal look, from a mom’s point of view, but I think she was too shy~(we see you as an internet celeb, my dear).

    Anyway, you are so loving and giving, honest and helpful. Your contribution to the world is massive; whether you know it or not!

    I am a true fan!

  2. What a great idea! If you wouldn’t mind, would you please mention what part of the country you live in? I’m curious about the difference in the cost of food. It’s mighty expensive in my neck of the woods.

  3. Great idea!

  4. Jamie,
    This is an excellent idea. I could use all the money saving tips I can get even if I am only feeding 3 most day but up to 6 on others.

    Over on my “home” forum at you are the woman of the hour between your oopsies and your veggie pizza crust. We’ve even got a woman that’s made it with broccoli. You started something big my dear.

  5. bunbungirl says

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  6. I’ll join with the others in saying what a great idea this is! My family of four eats as healthfully as I can manage, but I know I can do better!

    Looking forward to your ideas…

  7. cleochatra says

    Thanks so much for your comments and feedback. I appreciate hearing what is working for you, what you like, what isn’t working, and just hearing from you!

    I am in the kitchen this morning perfecting waffles while I’m homeschooling (we’re discussing slavery in the United States right now), so I will be back shortly with a recipe for waffles!

    Thank you all for your kind comments and thoughts.


  8. Thanks so much for this, Jamie! Although my food budget is less restricted than some others, I appreciate seeing how you do it.

    In our small family of 3, I have Type 2 diabetes (totally controlled with lowcarb and no meds); I have a grandson I’m raising who has ADHD but is off meds with low carb eating; and a foster son who is autistic, severely MR, has a severe seizure disorder, and is on the Modified Atkins Diet (MAD) for seizures. (BTW, he’s gone from more than a dozen seizures a day to about 2 or 3 a month and we’ve now totally eliminated 2 of 3 seizure meds since he’s been on the MAD diet.) We are all gluten intolerant or have full-blown celiac disease.

    Although I’ve been doing this for many years and we eat very well, it’s so helpful to have the new ideas you provide so we don’t get burned out on the same old, same old foods…thanks again!

  9. I forgot to mention how much I admire you for all that you do!

    You are one busy lady with 4 kids (being home schooled yet!), several blogs, and always experimenting with new foods and recipes!

    I think you are amazing and wish I had half of your energy…and sense of humor about life!

  10. Anonymous says

    A coworker of mine was telling me it’s too expensive to feed her kids whole food. However since she’s feeding them a box of mac and cheese I couldn’t really compete with that. However for the 8 dollars she spent on take out dinner… Hmm lets see bag of frozen drumsticks from wally world, brocoli, cheese, brown rice. At least two meals.

    Scarlettrose (the one from lowcarb cafe)

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