Oopsies Meets The Jimminator… Jimmy Toasts Oopsies. All win

Jimmy Moore sent me an email today, and pointed me to his latest greatest blog entry.

What happens when man meets buggery egg whites?

Does he crack (ok, pun)? Play chicken (foul)? Cross the road (you should be tarred and feathered for that one)? Come across as hard-boiled (please. No more), or just act like a good egg (omggggggg make it stopppp)?

How about he does one better.

He pours it into a cookie sheet and comes up with his own version of oopsie french toast! Ooh la la mon amie! Tu es tres intelligent!

I think it’s so rockem sockem robots cool when people play in the kitchen, and when they come up with something they really like that becomes useful in their lives. Sharing a great tweak just helps everyone else. For that I thank my friend!

Thank you, and way to go, Jimmy!

Making fun out of potential folly. That’s what life is all about.

Sopping it up with syrup? Even better.

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  1. Jimmy Moore says

    You betcha, Cleo! Although they don’t always turn out great. I went back to the kitchen today to try to make the Oopsies again and the batter was STILL runny. I added some Flax Z Snax pancake flour to it to try to thicken it up and then some DaVinci Banana Syrup and nuts to the mix baking it in a bundt pan. It looked beautiful when it came out of the oven, but tasted awful even with syrup. I’ll try that one without the pancake stuff next time. You’ve created a MONSTER! 😀 Although I still can’t get my Oopsies to turn out. I’ll keep trying.

  2. cleochatra says


    You are cracking me up over here. I’ve had days in the kitchen like that. Luckily I didn’t burn down the house. I did try hard to start the oven on fire however!

    For the oopsies, I’ve been using small Wilton Cake Pans I bought from SuperTarget. They make ginormous buns!

  3. Jimmy Moore says

    I’m still trying…gonna get there one of these days. Had to throw away that nasty banana nut bundt cake Oopsie, though. Even with syrup and whipped cream, it was just gross. We’ll get there…inspire me Cleo! 😀

  4. cleochatra says


    Jimmy, I wish I’d taken pictures of the oopsie crotuons that went into the trash. Or the cauliflower bread stick croutons that went into the trash. Or the flax seed cracker recipe I tried to make that went into the trash…

    That was a paeticulerly fruitless day.

    Or, the time I tried a sugar-free cheesecake, and didn’t add enough sweetener…

    (Even my dog was like, “Oh NO you di’unt”)

    It’s really bad when the dog who ate your underwear and the kleenex from your last chest cold won’t touch the cheesecake…

    I’m going to try some new oopsie things today and will keep you tuned in.

    Just a thought:

    When you make those egg whites stiff (5 minutes or so of constant whipping), I like to add about half of the yolk to the batter each time, and then use a tall iced tea spoon to make a lazy sine wave through the batter once.

    Then turn the bowl 90 degrees and repeat. Then repeat this method adding the last half of the yolk to the batter.

    You never beat or mix the whites in. You barely blend. Barely. That is the key.

  5. Hey Cleo and Jimmy!! Sitting at work reading about this glorious new dessert, er, um, breakfast treat and can’t wait to get home tonight and try it out. While perusing through Jimmy’s blog, I came across his recipe for the “Magic Shell”!! OMG, you are as much of a god-send as Jamie!!! I will never get any work done now because I’ve got another blog to read!! Anywho, I was wondering if you can get the two ingredients at a local store or if they can only be ordered online?? Jamie, I know you are an avid Walmart shopper, such as myself, and wonder if I can pick up these goodies there or somewhere else locally. In other words, I’m salivating to try this NOW, but will have to wait till I get home to my freezer of Carb Smart ice cream, but if I know I can get this around town, I’m always up for a detour to satisfy my need for Magic Shell! 🙂

  6. cleochatra says

    Isn’t he something? Magic shell!

    Barbi– if we have it our way, we’ll just have to share custody.

    Consider yourself well-fed between the two of us.

  7. Jimmy Moore says

    I’m gonna beat those egg whites silly the next time I try the Oopsie recipe, Cleo! We’ll make it work if it kills me in the process (okay, not LITERALLY, but you get the idea). 😛

    THANKS for your comments, Barbi! I answered your questions in response to your e-mail to me. THANK YOU for writing! 😀

  8. Lowcarb4me says

    Hi, Cleo I have been following you on fb for sometime now, and I am really loving the blog…I have a question for you..when ppl say they use the Da Vinci syrup for stuff like the oopsie french toast…is it thick like regular syrup because I use Torani sf syrup for flavoring in my cream cheese pancakes and like in protein drinks but it is not thick at all

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