State Standardized Tests. I give them an "F". Along with drivers.

I have been busy running back and forth between Denver yesterday. Better news? I’ll be at it for the next three days. Oh the joy. Three more days of making faces at people who try to drive with their ear crooked to their necks, trying to hold their cell phones in place with their jowls.

I passed one guy driving erratically yesterday. He was eating and talking on a cell phone. At the same time. I kept waiting for him to accidentally ingest his ATT and try dialing his french fries with his tongue.

My Scale Done Broke.

My scale made a funny noise the other day. And then it started telling me that I’d lost 20 pounds in less than 14 hours. I was exacerbated. I knew it was a damned liar. That, or vanity weights were starting to kick in for laughs (on behalf of the scale and the little Frenchman who lives inside of it). Mon Dieu! Darn you, Jacques!

Scales are assembled in factory with about 4 separate ADC’s to keep the separate weight levels more accurate. I must have worn mine out. Everyone else still weighs properly. I went and purchased a new scale today.

I freaked out at TOPS, though. I walked in the door, worried that the scale was so ill-informed at my house that I was going to be disappointed at the real weigh-in. As luck would have it, I’m down 3 more pounds. It seems that I was just at 50 pounds lost, and now I’m already past 60.

I’ll take it.

More recipes coming.

Along with the shuttling, we have skiers, friends, spring break and therapy sessions for kids. When I have time, I am going to share some new things I’m putting together.

The behinder I get…

Thank you for all of the amazing and wonderful comments you are sending to me! I am more swamped than a two-nosed deodorant tester, but I want you to know that I read every single comment that you send, and I appreciate each and every one! Thank you so much!

If you’ve asked a question, I will do my best to get them answered this week.

I am very fortunate to have you, and I am the most blessed person.

You’re tastier than McDonald’s French fries, and even though that sounds like I lick people, I don’t. Generally. Unless you smell like Cheetos. Which could then equate to foot scent issues.

So scratch that.

Well, not that. Your mother would be displeased.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Please don’t go political on us re: Standarized Tests. I was loving this blog, but I am a teacher, and I’d prefer not to listen to that debate.

  2. Yuck! standardized tests are horrible!
    as if schools and grades weren’t bad enough.
    And I was a national merit scholar, so I ACED standardized tests, but I can tell you that I knew quite a few students who were smarter and harder working than me who did not!
    And yes, please DO express your thoughts, political and otherwise – that’s why blogs are a great example of freedom of diet, expression, and speech.

  3. woo hoo Cleo an official TOPS 61 pounds gone woo hoo and taco bowls too.

  4. Congrats on 3 more pounds down!

    As for the inattentive drivers – I think the distractions of cell phones are something we have to put up with now…sometimes technology does not translate to societal progress when we humans interact with it at inappropriate times. 🙂

  5. cleochatra says

    LOL!! OK, OK, anonymous. I understand. I wrote that in about 15 minutes and forgot the title completely.

    Bless your heart for teaching! I’m a home school mom this year and I appreciate your hard efforts!

    tara– Standardized tests really hurt the kids who are smart but test horribly. My poor son has autism and can’t write worth beans, and I know this is going to be such a trial for him. He’s got two days under his belt, so here’s hoping he can get through the last day fairly well.

    2big– Thank you! I want a taco bowl for dinner. Are you cooking?

    frisco– I hear you. Some of these folks would be bad drivers even without their phones stuck to their ears. I swear I saw someone driving with his knees today.

  6. just as soon as you whipp my eggwhites for my cinnabon oopsies I will be happy to get your taco shells and filling ready.

  7. Congrats! The people in your TOPS chapter must be astounded as you melt in front of them! You are my hero and I look forward to reading your new entries. KUTGW!

  8. maryg911 says

    Wow, amazing!! You’ve pasted the 60 lbs mark, woo hoo!!

    Hey thanks for the tip on the small cake pans from Target. I found some yesterday and plan on making oopsie rolls for next week. Thanks again!!!

    Keep up the good work!!

  9. Anonymous says

    Absolutely agree with the F for the tests! Rant away, I know I am!

    gungadinn1997 from LCF

  10. cleochatra says

    Thank you all for the support–save for 2big, who forgot to tell me where she lived. I made oopsie rolls for someone named Mort in Missouri…

  11. Lisa32989 says

    I finally got a Kitchen Aid stand mixer on Ebay for less than half price 🙂 just to whip oopsie egg whites (but I’m sure I’ll find other uses like pizza crust)

  12. DarleenMB says

    A nit. Very small nit. I think you meant “exasperated” not “exacerbated.” DAMN that spell check.

    congrats on the 61 pounds btw.

    And drivers? Hell I’ve seen someone driving down I25 READING A BOOK.

  13. cleochatra says

    lisa– I love my Kitchenaide! I have had it for almost 20 years, and it’s still like new. May yours also give you many years of service.

    You are right, Darleen.

    See, I’m no good on my own.

    (wonders what books people read while driving.. The Car-ma Sutra?)

  14. Hi my friend. Just a note to congratulate you on 61 pounds. You are certainly winning this battle.
    Life in the Pacific Northwest is ah cold, I was at the gym and looked out at big old snowflakes comeing down. Its almost May for goodness sakes.
    Love Desertthorn

  15. cleochatra says

    Geez, Lynne!

    I thought we were supposed to be hoarding all of the snow.


    I hope you thaw soon, sweet lady.

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