Verbose Lady meets Mile High Mamas… and other news

Very recently, I received an email from none other than Amber Johnson, of “Mile High Mamas”, a Denver Post –supported blogging, resource and message board for moms, dads and families in the Denver area (and beyond).

The first email I received was an invitation to join their blog roll about 6 months ago. As a writer local to the Denver area (and a mom–shocker, I know. OMG! The ditzy lady reproduced!), it was pretty sweet to be invited to join a burgeoning group of very thoughtful ladies (and gentlemen) whose goal is to help promote positive parenting in the Denver (and outlying Colorado areas) through thoughtfulness, laughter and support. Because of its unusual and clever format, Mile High Mamas has found a great amount of success in relatively little time.

Last week, I received another email from Amber.

Now, this is the part where usually something either really exciting or tremendously horrific occurs in the story. This could be the portion where someone leaves someone else hanging with an IM (internet instant message) like, “OMG! Guess what!” and then your friend walks away, or they take a painfully long time to say what they were planning to say. Or they had to go to the bathroom (if folks would just start using their stadium pals at their work stations, I keep telling you, work productivity would be increased).

I know. You’re thinking, “This person never shuts her yap.” You’re probably thinking, “She thinks she’s sooooooooo funny/important/popular/with great hair and oh look at her skin and she has a small butt like Heather Locklear’s which I envy like a poodle, she just can go on and on and on. She’s like the Energizer Bunny of verbal verbalness on crack.” You might even be thinking, like Lori (I’m watching you), “Where is my cheesecake recipe you promised me a month ago. Shut up and go cook me some chow” (I’m still working on it–I swearrr!).

Well, here is your chance to see someone confirm I have a lot to say, albeit on the subject of parenting and being “Horoscopically Blonde. ”

I was just interviewed to be the “Mile High Mama of the Month.” (woot!)

I give a huge shout out to all of my peeps here at The Lighter Side, and announce some other very exciting news I planned to share with you closer to the actual date of release:

Iā€™m now writing for ParentsCanada magazine. I’m so excited about this, I could schmootz. I’ve been keeping it quiet for some time because you won’t see the first article until around August, and I didn’t want to say anything until I had seen the contract and made sure it didn’t say “SIKE!” at the end. I am very a-squee about this opportunity. If you’ve never seen a large lady do a jig when there weren’t Hostess products involved, wait for the Youtube video…coming never. I did jig, though. Albeit mentally. And while wearing flattering slacks.

Oh, and ignore the bit about me writing the book. Everyone writes at least one book in their life. It used to be we all said we were going to Disney World. Now we all either have botox or write a book. Both probably have the same general effect: we look surprised most of the time.

And thank you so much for your continued friendship and support!

I deleted a joke I’d put in because some would be all, “OMG! You know you think you are so hot now.” It’s difficult to be irreverent in a post where some folks are looking for me to be all diva. (I’m too fat to be a diva).

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  1. WTG, Cleo!!! It’s no surprise that others love you as much as we do! Congrats!

  2. Jen Miller says

    That’s so exciting! Congrats to you!

    On a side note…kind of fun…I’m originally from Oregon – base of Mt. Hood, and moved to Denver (for school, the family actually moved to Wyoming). And my father’s family is originally from Wisconsin. So much in common! lol

  3. cleochatra says

    Thank you so much! I am really beside myself (which means now I’m really wide). Everything is happening so quickly, to be honest!

    jen– I also have a sister named Jen. so now we’re almost like sisters from another mister.

  4. Mulat D'ore says

    Cleo, as I told you before, you are my real life hero!!! You know? You inspired me to design and eventually open a blog and support the spanish speaking “big bonned” girls out there. I am redirecting all my future (hopefully) viewers-readers to your blog because, I do not want glories that are not mine. God forbid. CONGRATULATIONS!!! and God Bless you.


  5. Leg Hairs! TMI!!! LOL

    Congrats on your success. I really hope part of more good news will be a cookbook. šŸ™‚ I can dream can’t I?

  6. Anonymous says

    Very, very cool! I enjoy reading you everday and I know others truly do too!

  7. cleochatra says

    Nilda– you are so very sweet! I appreciate all you do to help others, and that you are so kind.

    I have added your blog. Please let me know if I entered the information improperly. My memory of Spanish is unfortunately about 20 years old!

    anonymous– Thank you so very much! I appreciate your support very much.

  8. poooooooookie!

    that is awesome news, congratulations!!!!!!


  9. cleochatra says

    Thank you so much {{{{Amy}}}} It is so good to see you again! I’ve missed you.

  10. Hey Cleo I like to think that ‘Diva’ is a state of mind and as long as you are willing to share the tiara with your fellow divas life is good!

    Congratulations on your writing career, it is so cool that your talent is bing recognized!

    – Dee

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