Alas poor laptop…

Ever have one of those years when technology isn’t amenable to your needs? After all, we invented it. Apparently, it doesn’t feel the need to return the favor with actually working. My new laptop died yesterday after being in my possession for only 3 months. Sure, I use it daily. It’s my laptop. I even decorated it with a kickin’ plaid tartan protection cover.

I’m not a happy camper this morning at Camp WannalottaDriveSpace. My canoe went up the creek and the gear went with it. Now I’m on day two with the same pair of underpants and am opening up my can of beans with a rock.

Metaphorically speaking.

I’ll be back online hopefully by Friday. I’m going to be spending my limited low-tech time trying to upload content to the Examiner site from this older system. In the meantime, here is an earworm I’m leaving you. I love it. I was sent this link by my editor and now it’s stuck in my head.

The Sugar Free Sheila cook book contest is still in full swing, and I will randomly choose and announce the winner Friday (just first name and last letter).

Woohoo! So enter if you haven’t yet, and hug your computers for continuing to function.

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  1. Erratica says

    Mercury is retrograde, Cleo. Mercury (in astrological terms) rules electronics and communication. When the planet is retrograde (it only appears to move backwards in the sky, 3 times a year), astrologists advise to watch for problems with electronics (and that means computer probs, dang it).

    Hang in there, it’ll be over soon. Hopefully your laptop is under warranty and you’ll have a new (or repaired) one soon.


  2. ok so your right it rockin but now what do I do now that I can’t get
    “I don’t give a hoot what you think” out of my head. Now I want to tell everyone that…giggle
    Thanks Jamie and good luck with your right it sucks when you lady laptop doesn’t like you any more.

  3. Sorry about your laptop, I hope it’s nothing serious or expensive.

  4. My deepest regrets and condolences.
    May a new and spiffy laptop fall from the sky and land appropriately into your deserving hands!

  5. I would like to send out technical support area at work to Camp Wannalottadrivespace. Is it coed?

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