And the Winner of the Cook Book is…


Look for the email and check your spam filter. I might be there between ethnic porn and viagra.

Thanks everyone for entering, and for the kind comments! I wish I could have given everyone a gift, but stay tuned! There will be more coming.

Now story behind the drawing. I cut out all of the names this morning, and asked my son to bring me a bowl. So he brings me this bowl with popcorn grease residue all over it (probably from his teen party when they stayed up until 4 am screaming the South Park “Timmy” song on Rock Band).

I saw the grease and kernel schmootz and said, “I can’t put names in this! Please find me another bowl.”

So, I’m here with my Crayola scissors (making a sexy statement I might add) and he brings me the same bowl, only you can tell it’s been really badly wiped out. Probably with his HAIR.

I said, “This is the same bowl, and it still is dirty. Why can’t you bring me one of the other bowls?”

The hulking mass of hair and testosterone before me complained, “All of the other bowls are holding things.”

Which I might add is their purpose, being BOWLS and all.

The 7 year old liberated a bowl for me, and drew the name, and now we can all rest knowing this was professionally handled: With Crayola scissors and the grace of a first grader.

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  1. What? She hasn’t even posted a Thank You? OK, I claim the book. You know mine was the one you threw back because it stuck to hers. All that jicama stuff…..:)

  2. Chai Latté says

    Congrats to the winner! But dang, now I’m gonna have to actually PAY for the book! The nerve! 🙂

  3. Its a fix… I can’t believe i didnt win ;o) hahaha Keep up the awesome cooking though and 69 lbs loss thats awesome :oD

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