CookingFor Six– Dinner (Platter O Steak )

Some people ask me what we eat as a family. Here you go. We are content to sit around and eat a platter o steak and fresh veggies (I know. We’re a little too perfect *twirls my mustache*) . The steaks are perfect, easy to cut and are filling. You won’t be getting the snack monsters after a dinner filled with these perfect little dollops of bovine heaven.

The steaks are Beef round eye of round in a slim cut, perfect for stir frying. I made up $9 (2 packages, and at least 12, 6″ steaks) at $5.99 a pound. We easily have left overs for stir fry! The fresh veggies were a splurge leftover from the weekend. Those are $10.00, but so far they have lasted us for a few days, so I’m divvying up the amount by 5 (for 5 meals’ worth of veg)!

The steak is mega-easy to cook. I just heat up some oil in my cast iron skillet (at medium-low heat, or 4-5), and these babies cook in a few short minutes. They key is not to overcook, or these babies are hockey pucks.

Dinner total: $12.00
Per person cost: $2.00

This dinner is easy to prepare and you can find these steaks at Super WalMart and King Sooper. Looking for some oomph? Try marinading your steaks the night before.

This segment is a continuation of Cooking for Six–Breakfast .

Why do I do this?

Food is becoming more expensive and families remain in need of nourishment. In a time when gas prices soar with the price of eggs, not only are trips to the store more expensive– but trips for the food are even moreso. You’re dealing with kids with autism. Or gluten intolerance. Or you have those. Or you are diabetic and eating a lower-carbohydrate lifestyle. Or you just want to introduce more ‘whole/homemade’ foods into your family. You know it’s cheapish to serve cereal for breakfast, and we all know it’s quick, but at what cost?

All prices are indicative of Denver, Colorado, at the time of publication. All recipes belong to me, unless otherwise noted. I try to use non-processed meats as much as possible due to MSG and nitrate sensitivities in my household.

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