Easy Cheesy Taco Bowls and Shells

Friends have told me constantly that cheese (cheese and nothing but the cheese) can be used to make taco shells and taco bowls, and crisps as well.

It’s true, true low-carb believers!

I had tried and failed for several years until the ever penultimate PennInk taught me how to make these.


How to Cook Cheese

Heat a skillet to medium-low with a scant amount of oil. When the pan is hot, add a slice of cheese. Allow cheese to fry–without disturbing– for 3-5 minutes. You will note several things. First the cheese with begin to bubble. You’re not even close until you can finesse a spatula underneath the cheese. Don’t be afraid to wait for it to works its beauty. It seems like it takes forever, but the results are worth it. When the cheese is able to be picked up with the spatula, you can do several things with it:

1. Drape it over a small bowl to make a crisp taco bowl;
2. Leave it to cool and use it as a tostada;
3. Drape it over a rolling pin and allow it to form a taco shell; and/or
4. Make small rounds for crisp rounds (like round crackers).

Just a note: These taste fricken’ nasty the next day, so don’t make these ahead thinking total YAYness on the delicious breakfast ensemble

Also, don’t feed these to your dog when you’ve decided they’re nasty. All I can say is that the dog elevated herself with methane from the sheer amount of gas.

Also note that this is cheese. On Atkins induction you’re allowed 3-4 ounces per day, so don’t overdo this. You’re just hurting yourself with too much cheesy beauty and sodium.

Finally, there is a bunchload of fat that comes from the cheese. I leave the fat in the pans to cook other things, like taco meat or eggs. It’s delicious stuff, and why waste cheese fat? I mean come on! When we were kids we had to walk uphill, both ways to milk the cheese from the cow cheese udders (that had to hurt).

These are not as healthy as cauliflower and zucchini crusts, but by golly, if you’re in a bind, knock a couple of these out.

Nutritional Information: Read your cheese package– that’s the easiest recipe I’ve ever had to figure. I might go and drink a beverage to celebrate.

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  1. Jen Miller says

    Hi there!

    I just wanted to add another fast and easy way to make taco shells from cheese:

    48g Cheese
    Parchment Paper

    Spread the cheese thin and even on the parchment (it has to be parchment, won’t work with wax paper) paper. Microwave for 45 seconds to 1 minutes – depends on your ‘wave. Let sit for about 30 seconds, then peal off and wrap around whatever it is you’re making – bowl, rolling pin, etc. Let cool and voila!

    It gets slightly messy with grease but I think if you let them sit and cool longer you won’t have to worry as much. We made tacos the other night and they were awesome 😀 2 shells should fill you up if not 1!

  2. Anonymous says

    Cleo, I think you would enjoy those lattice bacon bowls I saw online once. Do you already know about those?
    You can make them look like a placemat or shape them over a bowl etc..
    I believe I saw them used at a wedding online.

    LOVE your blog!!!!!!
    Thanks for all the math you do for us too.
    I hate doing the math mart.

  3. I found a tortilla(Mama Lupe @netrition.com) that is 7″ wide and can be used to make taco bowls and nachos, burritos, etc. They have only 7 carbs but 4 fiber so only 3 net carbs per tortilla! They are good as nachos and taco salad bowls.

  4. Lee Jacintho says

    I have to update my info. I have found a supermarket, Stop & Shop, which sells a very high fiber tortilla 8.5″, 10gm fiber, 16gm carbs = 6 net carbs!
    Also 4gm protein. No trans fat and only 70 calories. Total fat = 3gm and NO cholesterol!

    • That’s not bad! And do you then bake the shells for crispness? I buy the Mission shells occasionally, but they’re teeeeny teeny tiny. The Mama Lupes or La Tortilla Factory, I think, might have less carbs than the ones I’ve seen…

  5. A taco shell made out of cheese, how completely amazing. This is a cheese-lover’s dream. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Is the cheese slice like a cheddar cheese or is it like Kraft processed cheese?

  7. I make my taco shells with 2 slices provolone (overlapping them) place them on parchment paper and microwave approx 60 sec or until nice and golden. Once they are cooked, blot grease off and fold ends together for a few seconds and then peel the paper off. You now have a taco shell that can actually hold you fixings and not fall apart! I reuse the same paper for all the shells. They really do taste like taco shells!

  8. Hi Jamie, I love your blog! I wanted to share a really cinchy way to make Parmesan shells. I have been doing this for years now! I used to do the fry it on the stove top in a non-stick frying pan thing…but this is EVER so much quicker and easier! So, I just buy the pre-shredded Parmesan. Spray a saucer (I use the 6 – 8″ size) with Pam or other vegetable spray. Sprinkle cheese on the center of the saucer and pat it into a flatish circle with fingertips to completely cover the central part of the saucer. Nuke in the microwave for 1 minute or so…depending on your microwave. It will look all bubbly and “cooked”…not wet. If it’s still wet in the middle cook it a few seconds longer. Then simply loosen with a spatula and drain on paper towels. I use these for nacho chips (broken into chip-size pieces), tostadas, wrap it around something to form a taco shell (I have one of those nifty rubber garlic clove rollers which is just the right size), or taco bowls. Let me know if you try this trick!

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