Eeek! Oh Wait. Nevermind. EEEK! Oh wait. Nevermind.

I don’t know if it’s me getting old, or the fact that I’m horoscopically blonde (in other words, I’m a doopy doo), but I keep thinking there is a huge bird dive bombing outside of my window. It is only a kite.

Still, every two minutes or so I am like “OMG!” and then look and see that it’s only a kite.

And then, two minutes later, I’m like, “Omigosh!” and than am like, “Oh. Kite.”

Give me 60 seconds, and I’ll be marveling at the size of the raptor outside. Again. Whoops! That was only 30 seconds.

I Darn Thee, Big Kite Raptor!

I wish I could blame stuff on an over-sized raptor in my back yard.

Like why I didn’t exercise for almost 2 weeks. Or why there are huge holes in my underwear. Or crazy third party candidates who have names like Harry Legg.

Artificial Sweeteners, I Dang Thee!

If you have never seen someone grumpy about not having fizzy drinks, she would be me! After drinking fizzies since 1984, I am not happy about drinking water. My husband bought me Canada Dry fizzy water. Now, if you’ve never had the displeasure of drinking that stuff, save your money and let me describe it: it’s so crappy tasting that even the crapmonkeys threw it from the crapcanopies and declared it crappycraptacular.

There. I just saved you a buck. Or two. You can thank me later.

There are several reasons I’m a bit cranky at the removal of the artificial sweeteners. For starters, I’m having to rethink the entirety of all things I’ve enjoyed for 2 decades. Adding to this, I am having to rework recipes completely. It’s going to be a bit of a progress, so when you see recipes calling for Splenda or davincis, I’ll work on those as I can to change them. Oopsies, well I just yanked the salt and sweetener from the original recipe, so you’re good to go there!

Since nixing Aspartame, the feeling has come back to my face, and my nose has been less runny. Today, I had a swig of leftover Diet Coke for kicks. Ever since, my throat is scratchy and my nose is running like Lance Armstrong from Cheryl Crow. I definitely do not miss this stuff. Plus, it tastes like chemicals.

Maybe I just missed the bottle!

So, I reasoned wanting the bottle and told my son to save the bottle. And he did– tossing the cap. So, there you go. Teenagers are no help –and he blamed me for not specifically mentioning to save the cap with the bottle. Because holy hell. I mean, who ever needs a cap to a bottle, right? Overrated holding all of that liquid in, I say.

Weigh-In for the week. I Don’t Dang Thee

Considering last week and its nightmarishness, I am glad I only am the same this week. It could have been the suckapaloosa! I am telling you, between hubby being out of town and being without my favorite fizzy beverages, I was fit to be tied.

I am back on the treadmill tonight, too. I have been having shoe issues and lately all pairs hurt my feet. I feel like the ugly stepsister (They are too tight!) coupled with Goldilocks (They’re too stiff!). Call me Ishmael (You think you’re big, Moby? You should see my ankles, girlfriend! Oh snap!).

By the By… Low-Carb Luxury… Eaten by Raptor? I Darn Thee, Raptor!

What happened to that site which spawned that magazine? Or the magazine that spawned the website?

That was an outstanding resource and now it’s more gone than Amy Winehouse in a crack factory.

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  1. They have soda pop that is made with Stevia. Google it.

  2. You could also make your own fizzy drinks by mixing carbonated water with a flavoring (like True Orange or True Lemon, or lemon juice which has like 1 carb or something) and adding stevia.
    (There are also a few other natural healthy non-caloric non-glycemic sweetners out there. Like I think there is one made of Chinese berries, one made of kiwis, and one made of chicory. Also, have you tried xylitol?) You may have to order them, but keep looking, because you are worth it!
    There are lots of foods in nature that are sweet but actually LOWER blood sugar!

    Don’t give up! – you have revolutionized so many foods, and I know you will figure out more!

    Don’t worry too much about the exercise – rest can be really important, too.

    Your life is really busy – take care of yourself and hang in there!

  3. Cary in OHio says

    Your Oopsie’s are GREAT using Stevia.

    I’ve made two batches. I don’t know what they tasted like with whatever sweetener you used…. but they got rave reviews from my entire family, with cries for “MORE!!!!!”

    If you want some ideas for recipes, check out Suzanne Somers’ “Somercize” ones. They are low carb. Her program is mostly like Atkins (I guess – I never did the program) but with food combining techniques.

    Also – she has SomerSweet. I’ve recently signed up to be a distributor of her products, but SO new that I’ve not purchased any of that particular product. It may be a great substitute for you – she has recipe books out for desserts using it, and I’ve had a lot of people tell me it’s great stuff!!!!

    (Just wanted to share with you, since you share SO much with us!!! Thanks!!!!!)

    Cary in OHio

  4. Anonymous says

    While you’re darning all and sundry annoyances, please don’t darn any sock puppets. We can see right through some of them, and that’s the way it should be. 🙂
    I’m glad you’re spending some time rethinking aspartame – my hubby can’t stand it either. (It kills brain cells, and he needs to keep all he’s got!) Just don’t get too exotic in recipe makeovers – stevia works fine as the sweetener unless you need the mechanical properties of the sugar. SMP

  5. jenna... says

    Does this help?

    btw.. I had a ArrowHead Lime fizzy drink on Sunday and it was awesome. Oopsies taste great with Stevia.

  6. I’m not sure how widely available it is, but I’ve just discovered “Talking Rain” carbonated spritzers because they have them at work. The ingredients list is: “spring water, carbonation, essences from natural fruit oils and extracts.”

    Despite the lack of sweetener, it’s a fairly “soda tasting” drink, especially if consumed cold.

    (I have no financial interest in the company, but have enjoyed trying their different flavors.)

  7. Hey Jamie, with all the fizzy drink talk, I just had a thought. Did you consider, that some of these symptoms may be coming from the sodium benzoate?

  8. cleochatra says

    crassy- I am checking into that, buuuuutttt…. You know, I’m having a hard time justifying that I ought to be drinking Diet Soda. Chemicals, even with the Stevia… Curse my insolence! *sipping tea*

    Thank you for the heads up! I’m going to keep my eyes peeled on the (hopefully) growing number of stevia-sweetened items!

    tara– I have the carbonated water and it is ookie, and here you come along… Adding flavor makes sense! Sheesh! If I had a brain, I’d be dangerous! I’m useless without you.

    Thank you for the tips on checking into other options as well! I will be looking into those.

    Hey, Cary! Thank you for the heads up! How much stevia do you use in your oopsies?

    SMP– You make terrific points!I have a great ides for working with stevia in recipes. I’m just trying to decide whether or not to spend the moolah on some of the stevia drops and packets… (I’m so cheap!)

    I lub you!

    jenna– You RAWK! Thank you! I hope she is faring well. She dropped off of the face of the ‘net rather suddenly. How much stevia did you put in your oopsies?

    Did you know Jay Robb’s powder is sweetened with stevia?!

    jhazen– Bless you. I will look into this!

    OK. Now look at Sherrie in here using polysyllabic latinates. I am going to google this so I can answer her response with some seeming intelligence.



    Decides that Immodium Charcolate is not for me, and it snacks while I’m not looking.

    Thank you for giving me that information, Sherrie! I am sure that ditching the sodas has helped in many ways. Now, knowing what you’ve passed along regarding sodium benzoates, I know I made a good decision.

    Lord help me if teas become dangerous like Britney Spears on Paparazzi Thong Thursday.

  9. jenna... says

    Hey you’re all That!

    I have stevia packets, stevia in liquid form, stevia liquid flavors (ehgggg.. don’t buy) and full strength powder stevia with an itty bitty measure spoon.

    I used two packets in a double batch of oopsies. Then the other day I used the two IB measure spoons of the full strength stuff.

    Stevia’s also good in shakes and egg creams.

  10. Jimmy Moore says

    Hey Cleo,

    Yes, Low-Carb Luxury has been MIA since February 2007 and I can tell you it hasn’t been by choice. The site owner Lora Ruffner has been through some rather traumatic circumstances in her life over the past couple of years and those things are taking time to heal and work through.

    When I spoke with Lora one year ago and then met with her, she was ready to share what was happening for all her readers who have been left scratching their heads about where she’s been. But within a couple of weeks after our meeting, something else hit her–HARD! This poor girl can’t catch a break.

    I heard from Lora around Christmas with a note that she’s interested in doing a podcast interview with me, but I haven’t been able to touch base with her since. When she’s ready to come back, she will.

    Low-Carb Luxury was THE low-carb site to visit for so long, it just seems weird without it.

  11. Cary in OHio says


    Just two packets of NuStevia.

    NuStevia is from another company, but supposedly it doesn’t have the aftertaste that ‘regular’ Stevia has. Dunno – never tried regular.

    I will also butter an Oopsie and sprinkle it with cinnamon and NuStevia (less than one packet per) and broil it a bit in the toaster oven. YUM!!

    OR… I’ve been known to simply sprinkle an Oopsie with cinnamon and spread a layer of SF syrup on it – YUMM!!! (For those days that I really don’t feel like doing much for breakfast – or a snack)

    I did get some liquid Dark Chocolate Stevia to put in my decaf – YUM!! And if I just want chocolate, I put a drop on my tongue. Not like the smoooooth feeling of the drug – erm, I mean stuff – but it gets the job done sometimes.

    Instead of fruity fizzy drinks, I’ve been drinking Unsweet koolaid sweetened with NuStevia. I used to drink the aspartame-stuff, but seeing the horror stories, I’ve steered away from it QUICKLY. I don’t need water really sweet or flavorful, so just a bit of kool-aid powder and the NuStevia does the trick for me. If I need the fizz… then I use soda water.


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