Super Veggie Supreme Pizza

Similar to the Cowboy (pictured above), the Supper Veggie Supreme is loaded with flavor.

This is a super easy pizza to make. Simply take your favorite pizza crust base, add your favorite veggies (I’ve included some of my favorites), and enjoy a pizza better than restaurants could deliver!

Super Veggie Supreme Pizza

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Sun-Dried Tomato Alfredo
a little mozzarella
chopped, fresh tomato
sliced, fresh mushrooms
purple onion, chopped
jarred artichoke hearts, chopped
frozen spinach, thawed
green olives, sliced
chopped red bell pepper
a little more mozzarella
pine nuts

Reheats nicely and can still be held in the hand, even the next day.

Pizza crusts can be frozen after the initial baking and used later.
Makes 4, 1-slice servings. Can be doubled for a larger pizza (double nutritional information).

Nutritional Information for the entire crust:
calories: 434, fat: 25 g, carbohydrates: 8 (net), 13 if counting all, fiber: 5 g, protein: 41 g.

Nutritional Information for one serving: 109 calories, 7 grams fat, 2 net carbs, 1.5 grams fiber, 10 grams protein.

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  1. Ms. Peterson says

    I want to make this, but I don't know how much of each to put on the pizza since there are no measurements. Can you help me out? 🙂

  2. Jamie aka Carbarella says

    Hey there! I use as little as possible, and more for the essence than for schmearing. I'd stick to 1/2 cup, tops! That's 6 net carbs.

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