Pastrami Hero Sandwich

If I haven’t already sung the praised of spicy chipotle mayonnaise then allow me to utter a few things:


This sandwich uses oopsies I made into the shape of hoagie rolls for sandwich lovin’.

I am a firm believe that you start with fat and end with fat, so put spicy mayonnaise on both rolls. I topped with pastrami, cheese, purple onion, green pepper and romaine. I threw some fresh, chopped chives on top and garnished a few cherry tomatoes on the side because they’re so– well– red (as opposed to well-read, because we all know cherry tomatoes don’t read, but they can do sudoku).

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  1. OhYeahBabe says

    You said Oh YEAH! I’m blushing! OK, seriously, you wasn’t tawkin bout me dis time.

    That looks AWESOME!

    I just got my cherry tomato plants. Some awesome variety that I can’t remember the name of. They are about 3″ tall right now. Long ways to go!

  2. Whoa! That looks better than Quizno’s! I’m so having that.. right now. I can taste it. yesss.. precioussssss….

  3. Chai Latté says

    I still haven’t mustered up the courage to attempt to make oopsies. I wish I could buy them! That looks so tasty!

  4. Erratica says

    chai latte, oopsies are sooo easy to make, don’t be afraid! You almost can’t ruin them. If you make the yolk/cream cheese too smooth, it only makes the oopsies sort of flat, but they still work.

    Yum, Cleochatra, that sandwich looks so good. I’m hungry!


  5. Moeggenborg Sugar Bush says

    Love the Oooopsie rolls. Today’s lunch was chicken salad with lettuce between 2 ooopsies. I make mine in muffin top pans and they come out terrific!

  6. Hey Cleo,

    Annonymous mentioned on your blog that he or she had adapted the oopsi recipe.. they added 1/4 cup almond meal and 1 tablespoon flax meal (I used golden flax- 0 carbs. Anyway, I’m here to tell you that although there is nothing wrong with oopsi’s- this new version is ALSO delicious and with added fiber too. I simply mixed in the almond flour and flax to the yolk mixture right before I mixed it with the whites. I kept them roll shape and they are delicious and pretty sturdy too. Just thought I’d mention it:-)

  7. cleochatra says

    LOL!!! I loved that, OYB! I think your tomato plants sound wonderful

    Morgan– Hobbitses loves their second breakfasts with sammichesssssss

    chai– you can SO do this! Just make 1/3 of a batch, using one egg and one ounce of CC. If you’re nervous about the flatties, they can still be used for pitas and wraps.

    Erica– Thank you! It was so easy, and I am serious, girl. Chipotle mayonnaise?! It is delicious.

    moeggenborg– Rock on! That sounds delicious… and your handle tickles me!

    ruthi– I am so glad you are mentioning it! I think there are changes to be made for the post-induction phases. Seriously! I am all for playing with food, and am very happy you gave me your feedback. This is definitely a learning experience!

  8. Moeggenborg Sugar Bush says

    LOL! I forgot that our business name is my username on google. I am amadeus4313 from the LCF board.
    Love your blog!!!

  9. Erratica says

    Cleo, where do I get chipotle mayo?? Sounds wonderful!


  10. cleochatra says

    I found my chipotle/spicy mayonnaise in the aisle with the regular mayonnaise. It tends to be on the top shelf where I’ve seen it (with the specialty sandwich stuff like horseradish) at different stores. It will either be called chipotle mayonnaise or spicy mayonnaise.

    It is so delicious, I never have a sandwich without it (well, unless it was peanut butter).

  11. OhYeahBabe says

    I know people who eat pb & mayo. Maybe it’d be good? I like spicy with peanut, but can’t really imagine the mayo in there. Could be a vicious way to wreck a great pb sandwich!

  12. Chai Latté says

    My Grammie fed me PB & Mayo sammiches all the time when I was a kid! They are surprisingly good, especially when you are a kid and unaware of fat content! 😉

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