Product Review: Ice Shaver

Wal-Mart is already carrying their ice shavers, even here in Colorado where we’re expecting snow tonight (heeeellloooooooo! I could just go outside and scoop the snow and add my own sweetener thankyewverymuch!)

Nonetheless, I bought this baby last year and I love it!

These are great, whether you have kids, or like snacking on shaved ice. I know I love it, whether there is flavoring or not. I’m a sucker for great texture.

The machine is VERY easy to use. The shaver comes with its own ice cup, but forget that action! If you have more than one kiddo in your house, there is NO way in heckola you’re going to be able to produce enough ice for everyone.

That said, at the left of the picture, you can see that I have a clear container with ice in it. that, my friends, is a Ziploc container (also from Wal-Mart). They come in packs of 4-6, so you can make more ice than even your kids can eat. I fill all of the containers with water and leave them in the freezer until needed. The plastic is fairly pliable, so the ice pops right out! Then I pop the ice, flat-side down, into the ice shaver and Bob’s your father’s brother.

What do you do with leftover ice? With the sliver left over, I tend to put it in the dog’s water dish. If, however, there is quite a bit left, I just pop it back into the freezer. You can also make ice and keep adding the ice to a ziploc bag and continue to make more as needed!

The flavor that is my absolute favorite is the blue raspberry from Wal-Mart (left in the picture) (sugar-free!). Target sells a greater variety of flavors in sugar-free for the ice shavers (top right), but they are watery and not very flavorful.

The Blue Raspberry brand flavor-syrups are sweetened with aspartame, so keep this in mind if you have a sensitivity to artificial sweeteners. The Target syrups are sweetened with Splenda.

You’ll find the ice shavers at Wal-Mart in their summer/seasonal area, along with the syrups. At Target, look in the small appliances section.

So, ready those coconut bras and your grass skirt, and let’s cheer for some weather that I don’t need mukluks for. Or are those just my hairy legs?

Remember: Shave Your Ice, if not Your Legs

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  1. Jen Miller says

    OooOOOo! I’m so glad you posted this 😀 My biggest downfall is ice cream and this could very well be a nice alternative for me! Thank you!

  2. Anonymous says

    I bought one of these babies at Target….amazing stuff!! I bought a whole bunch of sugar free flavours too…it’s cheap and you know it’s LC…can’t get that at DQ!

  3. Erratica says

    I just won’t use aspartame. And splenda isn’t much better, IMO. I’m just now getting used to stevia. I LOVE snow cones but don’t know how I’m going to manage them LC if I don’t use artificial sweeteners (which I think are evil, lol).

  4. What about using da vinci syrups? Are they too thick? I saw an ice shaver the other day at our walley world and started drooling over the idea of a snow cone!

  5. cleochatra says

    I’ve been mixing the Davincis with the cheaper versions to try and get a better flavor.

    The only bummer with plain davincis is that it’s colorless, and people want color in their ice. But then again, who’s to say you can’t add a few drops of food coloring?

  6. Anonymous says

    I love your recipes and ideas TY for all your time.
    I saw you side bar on frankenfood , I belive you interup is wrong. These are geneticlly modified foods. the splicing of plant and animal genes to produce mutations of oringal plant 0r two unrelated plants.
    lets hope you not allergic to whatever they slpice in because you will never know it’s there.

  7. Wifezilla says

    I bought one of these last year too. My local Wally World kept running out of the sugar-free flavors, so I am starting to hord them already. You CAN use plain ice cubes in a pinch, but it can jam.

    Sometimes on hot days I just use the formed ice too fast to keep up with demand :p

  8. hi again. i ventured out to wal mart (scary!) and bought one of these today. it sounds like a delicious and healthy alternative.

  9. its me again! these things are great. today i enjoyed the shaved ice with some half and half (1/2 c) and 4 tbsp vanilla davinci’s syrup. its faux-cream! yummy and good and very ice cream like, i thought, for four carbs. next time ill use a tad less half and half, though.

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