I LOVE this Taco Seasoning Mix

I’m usually on the go, and don’t have a lot of time to mess with taco seasoning mixes. One thing I have noticed is how high in carbs the packet seasoning mixes are. Filled with sugars and other carby fillers, I can add even half of one of those packets to 2 pounds of meat and feel the carbs working in my bloodstream not long after.

Enter Fernandez Hot Taco Sauce Mix. I found this in the Mexican section of my local WalMart. This stuff is potent and very little goes a long way. With ingredients for dip and salsa, I just use a Tbsp to the cup of meat and it’s more than spicy (I used this in the chipless nachos). I think I grew an arm hair or two.

Notes: The ingredients were cut off, but read: Chiles, onion, salt, garlic, and spices.

You can actually see the chiles and the ingredients in the clear packet and feel relatively safe knowing you’re not buying a spankload of processed bits of vegetable rectums or MSG.

One ounce goes a long way. I’ve already used it for two meals, and can see it making quite a bit more, especially at a Tbsp at a time.

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  1. jenna... says

    Oh Yum! Gotta buy some. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says

    Do you happen to know for sure if it’s gluten free?



  3. cleochatra says

    Unless spices could include something gluteny, I’m assuming spices means spices. Now you have my curiosity piqued. I will try and contact the company and see preciesly what the spices are.

  4. Jen Miller says

    Thank you for this!

    We made our own once but are too lazy to do it again.

    So you use a Tbsp for 1 pound?

  5. lisa32989 says

    They don’t have ’em at my Walmart. Is there a website?

  6. cleochatra says

    I’d use a Tablespoon per pound at least, depending on how much zip you ant to your bip.

    lisa– this company seems fairly low-tech.

    There is no web site, however, any spice aisle or Mexican spice section (sometimes located near produce) where spices are in clear packs are going to sell the healthier, whole products.

    Here is a place online (just an example) but not exactly what this stuff is.


    Vitamin Cottage or Whole Foods might also sell some where you know what all of the ingredients are, too.

  7. Anytime I can find something premade is great. Our next stop (Omak, WA) has a Wal-Mart so I am going to check it out. Thanks for the heads up Cleo


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