I Lurve Muscle Relaxants

Which, incidentally, has nothing to do with this picture. But it might have to do with being chased by people in Speedos from the Blue Man Group. Wow. Put those away.

It’s amazing how regulated weight control is when you’re administered morphine and you proceed to throw up for the next 24 hours.

On the up-side, I’m starting to feel human again (thanks for the good wishes!). I seriously never thought a person could sleep as much as I did. I’m not even sure what I was taking, but I tell you what– I’m not happy that I had to go to the ER since my Doctor couldn’t see me for a week and since Urgent Care has worse hours than the doctor whose schedule is too full.

I actually walked from the Urgent Care building to the ER down the street because getting in and out of the vehicle was the worst ever.

Things like this TOTALLY make you appreciate health and mobility. Cripes. I miss doing laundry. How sick is that? Laundry! I actually did an invalid’s touchdown dance when I spiked a fork into the dishwasher basket and ran a load of dishes.

That’s right, bad back! You may have made my trips to the bathroom last 2 hours for the hobbling, but my golly, those drugs… ahhh… those beautiful drugs…

I love the doctor and the ER nurses and attendants who didn’t poke me with needles (save for the morphine pokes), who congratulated me on my weight loss and who gave me medications whose names I can’t even pronounce.

I am so happy I can schmootz.


My neighbor called me on the phone to tell me about her friend with a spelt cook book. I’ll be taking the next few days looking at spelt and its role in low-carbing. I am hearing from people now who have written cook books like our friend Sugar Free Sheila and I’m always interested in meeting new people who are also trying to make a difference in the world, through cooking, education and other forms of activism.

A friend in the comments section here asked me if I am gluten-intolerant. I think I would say that while I’m not celiac, I do experience adverse reactions to wheat and rice. I usually end up with ‘crawling legs’ and have a really hard time sleeping that night as a direct result. My nose tends to run, and anymore I don’t have the symptoms of congestion I used to. I have to say that in terms of these things I am definitely intolerant to wheat.

Why the gluten-intolerant markers then on the recipes if it’s not necessarily for me? There seem to be more and more folks who are intolerant to wheat, and as a mom with a son who I thought was gluten intolerant/celiac (before realizing he’s actually autistic), I was astounded to find wheat in everything, from tomato soup to other items I assumed wouldn’t have wheat.

As a result, and because the food pyramid loves itself some wheat, I make an extra effort to try and cater to food intolerances, whether it is wheat or caseins. I am still learning quite a bit about substitutions for cheeses in recipes, but thanks to readers and friends pointing me in the right direction, I’ll be able to write more about this as well.

So, while I myself may not suffer from an actual gluten intolerance to the horrific extremes others do, I still have trouble seeing wheat as a healthy and prominent part of the American Diet. I’ll continue to work to educate people about healthy substitutes for wheat.

Oopsie rolls are only the beginning. Still, isn’t it nice to be able to have ‘bread’?

Today it’s cold, so I’ll be making a cauliflower crust pizza. Planning ahead will help keep me on the path to health. I don’t even like regular bready pizza crust anymore, knowing that the vegetables are not only incredibly healthy, but I don’t notice them.

Funny thing about some people

A different neighbor is an interesting person, but she is really unusually mentally busy (I usually see her, smile and nod, as I’m hurrying along) (rather hurriedly) (for reasons of hurriedness). She really is a nice person (I am sure), and her busybody ways are not necessarily a bad thing (she’s the neighborhood chattychat and the one who feels that if she doesn’t introduce you to everyone else then someone else is honing in on her duty to be in the middle of everything),but she talks a lot, and sometimes doesn’t like listening to what others have to say, unless it’s information she can pass along to others (meaning about you). She talked to me for an hour about herself, how she rescued a dog that then got away, and her family and about her kids playing sports in state tournaments (something I’m proud of them for. They’re great kids.). When the topic momentarily segued, I told her about what I do and how I’ve been successful with my family in our health changes, and she suddenly had to run, and she wasn’t at all interested, as she said, “well, bye!” and the dial tone responded. I could hear the facial twitching on her end of the phone when I must have forced her to endure 45+ seconds of personal happy news which was similar to hers.

Now, I’m not a person who seriously doesn’t brag or talk about myself to my friends because I’d rather hear what they’re talking about, and hello? I’m not that exciting. Mentioning less than one minute of health woohoos for my family on my end and suddenly she had to run after an hour of honestly my listening to her go on and on about everything from her rescuing a dog to asking me about bus schedules to going on and on about her kids and their sports. I mention in passing that I’ve lost almost 70 pounds following a whole-foods eating plan and now enjoy discussing what you’re learning with the world, and it’s no longer about her–so she has to go. Click.

Mentioning healthy, whole eating to someone who is making tortilla soup and is sure she’s right and I’m wrong is like telling Pamela Lee she would be happy with a B-cup.

She’s always been a little peculiar. I used to mess with her (a little) because she was really concerned with what I would do–and would tell me all about it. She was concerned that my 14 year old was home alone for an hour once. She feels badly for one of my kids playing an unusual instrument because it must be hard being different. She would call me about me leaving lights on around the house all night, so I would leave them on in one room for a night. Then I’d change to a new room. And then another. And in the middle of the conversation, when she would ask me why I did something, I’d say, “Oh really? I hadn’t noticed.” Then I’d cover the mouthpiece and say, “No. The body should go over there. The wind blows easterly. Avoid detection.”

I know we can’t pick our neighbors. But they’re good for material occasionally.

Cabinets Mean More Room For Fun

The picture at the top of the page isn’t very sexy, but over 300″ of new linear cabinet space is so exciting I’ve taken to considering alphabetizing ingredients. My hunky hubby spent the last two weekends prepping and hanging more cabinets for me in our older kitchen. Initially, the kitchen was an eat-in, and later occupants added base cabinets and left the walls bare. This resulted in a lot of storage space, but not nearly enough, especially with those piddly little cabinets.

I’d been spending entirely too much time in bed or in the pool trying to remove pressur

e from my back and feel like a total bum for doing nothing to help him out with these, and he did a fantastic job: he matched the stain perfectly by mixing together two colors in separate coats, and re-sanded some of the cabinets at least twice. I felt so badly, but the new cabinets are the best ever!

Notice how the previous owners used floorboards as a backstop for the counter top? You should see some of the incredibly odd upgrades that they were really proud of (like using glue where actual fasteners like screws usually are meant to be).

I’m afraid one morning I’ll wake up to a view of the sky. From my bed.

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  1. jenna... says

    Glad your back is out of bed. :-*

    Love the neighbor. Reminds me of one I had once when I was a very young 22 yr old, she was a vegetarian. One day while trying to make conversation with her about a veggie restaurant (me remembering the restaurant served chicken and fish), I asked her “Do you eat chicken? do you eat Fish?” I got the response “NO I LOVE ANIMALS” to my response “Me too—-cause they taste so good.”

    She was gone by the time the tears of laughter cleared out of my eyes. She had gone back inside her apartment and didn’t talk to me for –oh about a week. 😉 She used to feed her cats vegetarian cat food (talk about cruelty) and I would slip them a bit of meat once in a while. 😉

  2. I’m so glad you’re feeling a bit better.

    I read a book called “Sugar Blues”. That’s one informative book!

    Your oak cabinets are beautiful. Maybe next a marble counter with matching backsplash!

    Your new cabinets are the color of my dining table, yet my kitchen cabinets are white washed oak, lol.

    Food coloring, is known to have severe effects on children, some kids that are listed as ADD are in reality just suffering from ingesting food colorings, other issues such as anger are associated with food coloring. They are pretty much banned in the UK or something like that.


  3. Glad you’re feeling better.

  4. OhYeahBabe says

    I’m glad the meds helped. I have a love-hate relationship with pain killers, of which I am frequently acquainted these days due to a possible ligament tear in my knee. But love-hate towards muscle relaxers? Notsomuch! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    I hope you are back to yourself soon.

  5. thorngren says

    I am sorry you are in pain, but at least you can write to us. I could read your writings forever. I have a neighbor in Germany like that. She is sad I am leaving. She will have to find another ear.

  6. I have as much counter space as that one counter you show… except it’s broken up into three different counters.

    I’ve been reading some stuff on vitamin D3 (*not* D2, and has to be the proper *kind* of D3), some research and some theory and some empirical stuff, and some of the stuff is about a relationship to autism, fwiw… google is your friend.

    I am so sorry you have back trouble. Where/what IS it?

    I’m really glad you’re feeling a little better. Morphine, holy cow, that’s a heck of a drug eh? I’m allergic to codeine and even vicodin or 1/2 a tylenol codeine will make me code-red-nauseated and barfing for at LEAST 24 hours… thank god I don’t know what more than that will do.

    Meant to email just been distracted.

  7. Jun Bug House says

    Great Job “hunky hubby”

  8. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. My husband threw his back all kinds of out the day after we moved. One 4am trip to the ER and two prescriptions for happy pills later, he could at least breathe. Granted, it usually involved drooling on himself, but that was ok. :o)

    Your neighbor sounds like a neighbor I just moved away from. She is always right, doesn’t want to hear a thing about your life and knows exactly what is going on in the neighborhood. Please don’t ever let me get that way…

  9. Carol Bardelli says

    I’d LOVE to fool with that neighbor! I’m good at playing with peoples minds, especially nut jobs.

    Luckily our neighbors are all spread out and mostly mind their own business. We were all a little worried when somebody built a brand new house across the street. We all have older homes, horses, project cars in the yard, and stacks of ranch stuff laying around. So they move in to this beautiful new home. And bring their horses, parked a tractor in the front yard, stack bales of hay by the drive way, and park half a dozen broken cars in the side yard.

    You can put rednecks in a new house, but you can’t change them into neat nick city slickers.

  10. Spelt still has gluten but a different type, apparently a lot more tolerable then wheat, It’s also high carb.

    I’m not a bread eater but I make a really good spelt loaf and also spelt shortbread. Makes good pancakes too.

    Apparently a lot of Autistic and ADHD children have food intolerances and some can have massive improvements by eliminating some foods from their diet. Do a search on Failsafe

  11. thanks for posting about gluten here and explaining your circumstances a bit. it’s awesome that you are tagging your posts for those with a gluten intolerance.

    as another commenter said, spelt does contain gluten. in my town we have a ‘health kitchen’ that keeps preaching that spelt is ok for those with celiac, which can be confusing for some.

    btw, gluten IS in everything, its unreal! and buying good quality gluten-free alternatives can get really expensive. one side note, i would be leery of eating anything from Carl’s Jr. even if there’s no bun or whatever. cross contamination is a real issue for celiacs – and who knows what else is in the seasonings in the sausage patty, etc. not to rain on anyone’s parade! lol.

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