Monday Report! Down 79 mid-week, but up…

I was down 79 pounds as of last week, when water weight gain started creeping up like white gas on a lantern wick. I’m claiming the lower loss for this week since it’s Monday and will wait for the extra weight to fall off again. If I start messing with the numbers, then I get confused. Am I Lindsay Lohan? Am I Linda Carter? Quick, somebody! Hand me the cape and the lasso of truth!

The good news is always that this gives me an excellent opportunity to make some changes this week. I am going to try to cut some of the sodium. (That caprisi pizza and the cheese were killers for me, particularly this weekend.) I’m going to eat more low-sodium bacon, eggs and salad this week. For some reason, sometimes the most simple foods yield the best results.

OMG. I feel all confessional this morning. Someone hand me my tell-all book. *starts typing about Burt Reynolds and how his body hair changed my life*.

Scientific Reports show…

My friend hadn’t seen me in 3 weeks due to the whole bad back drama. She saw me last Wednesday and was like OMG! You’re melting!

That’s right.

OK. So maybe that was more of a one-person poll. With a 3% margin for error.

I’d Like to Thank the Fatcadamy…

The last time I was at TOPS (who the heck knows how many weeks ago that was by now–*bad back drama snap*) I was still in the 280’s. Check it. I’ll easily be in the 270’s now.

Check this, though. We had a two-team challenge, to see who would be stuck having to cook for the other team at the annual picnic. Not only did my team win with an extra 30 point loss, but I won money for shaking the timbers on the weight loss during that time.

And this girlfriend missed the picnic due to my back.

I’m partially relieved I couldn’t make it, because I didn’t have to make excuses about why I wasn’t going to be able to revel in the high-carb dishes, but I would have liked to hang out with my weight loss Madges. They’re my local sisters.

Well, it’s into the kitchen! I have some pots not washing themselves and some laundry that my kids apparently can’t lift into the washer. Like socks.

Until next time, low-carb believers (and friends).

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  1. I always tell people I’m experimenting by not eating processed foods. That way I don’t have to hear the whole “Ohhhhh low carbing is so bad for you….you should do it the healthy way like meeee!” pfft. whatever.

  2. Jun Bug House says

    I am kinda new to your suite but I love the recipes and the talk.
    Too cute and makes me giggle every day. No pressure but just keep doing that.
    I have a question.
    The “zuke-cheese-egg” baked things, how long will they keep.
    I want them to stay crisp so I don’t wrap them up.
    I put them in a tupperware container without the lid.
    Thank you sweetie, this a wonderful low carb site.
    Nance in Las Vegas

  3. Jun Bug House says

    Oh, and good job on the weight loss so far.
    H2O or not, it is a great loss!

  4. cleochatra says

    amy– I hear you there! I don’t need lectures. I have teens. I’m too busy giving them. Get on with your bad self.

    jun bug– Thank you! I have them last a good week out of the fridge, especially as they crisp. After about a week, they start going a bit stale.

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