Monday! Woohoo!

I’m down 5 pounds.

Sorry. Couldn’t wait to tell you that news. I started exercising again and am feeling better. I have a lot of anxiety right now, so walking at night while watching tv keeps me more sane.

I am going to take a few days and try to relax. I am my own worst critic and stress easily, so I’m going to play in the kitchen. I’ve had requests from readers for some low-carb versions of favorites, so I’m going to give those a shot. I’ll keep you posted.

The Great Key Lime Pie Incident of 2008

One of the things I try to do is to formulate my own recipes. People are so sweet and send me to different low-carb sites, but I am always afraid I’m going to inadvertently take someone else’s hard work. I don’t like copying folks, so what I make I’ve discovered or worked on independently.

This isn’t always a success. Enter Saturday:

I made a Key Lime Pie. The crust? To die for, my friends! To die for. Wait until you see it!

The key lime innards. Well, let’s just say they never solidified, and tasted too much like the American Lime Council vomited into the pie pan. Still, it looked gorgeous and the meringue was perfect. If you didn’t eat any of it, it was the prettiest thing you’d ever seen.

I will get the key lime pie right, but the mistake led me to some more recipes (aha!), so stay tuned to for those. I am saving some for special occasions, but am very excited to share with you.

I fixed links to Examiner recipes finally

Blogger thought it was smarter than me, and I showed it right good! After wrassling with it, I checked the HTML and realized it was replacing the tilde with gibberish. Gibberish I say!

Now the gibberish is gone, and while I have to edit each and every link, I will not let technology tick me off like that again, for at least 10 minutes.

Aspartame Update:

Since kicking aspartame about a month ago:

My face is no longer numb
My speech is no longer slurred or stuttering
I don’t ‘lose’ words
I don’t lose my temper
My anxiety levels are lower
I don’t fall down/lose my balance
Numbness in extremities has abated

Has asparatame affected you in any of these ways? Do you ingest aspartame and exhibit any of these symptoms? An avowed Diet Coke addict for 24 years, no matter how much I might miss the beverage, the convenience of Diet Jell-o or any other items with that poison will never again be a neurotoxin in my body.

In health,


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  1. Sugar Bush Primitives says

    I never thought aspartame affected me until I noticed that if I had a bottle of diet pop at night, I would wake up with a headache. I am sticking pretty well to flavored water now.

    Whoo Hoo on the five pounds!!! You go, Girl!!!

  2. Hi 🙂

    I very recently started low-carbing again (I did it about 7 years ago and lost 80lbs, maintained that for 3 years, and have been gaining weight on unrestricted carbs ever since. Eeek.

    It feels good to be doing low carb again, but funny how much I’ve forgotten!

    So, big question because I started again without re-reading the book. I’m three weeks into this again, and have lost 19 pounds so far. Am I allowed to eat higher carb foods as long as I keep the daily total low? In your opinion will it mess me up to eat a small amount of higher carb foods given that I’m keeping the total below 20 carbs a day.

    My husband made a wonderful beef and vegetable soup which includes stewed tomatoes, some corn and lima beans, for example. I’ll know tomorrow if it messed me up. I only ate 10g of carbs worth of it. Hoping that certain foods can find their way into my diet too. I don’t remember my stance on this the last time I did low carb (wish I’d kept a food diary then).

    Thanks and I’ll certainly keep reading.

  3. Anonymous says

    Looks like the Whoosh Fairy paid you visit. Please send her my way.


  4. {{{Jamie}} That’s so cool and wonderful that you’re feeling so much better! I almost never eat or drink anything with aspartame or other AS, but I “lose words” so often it’s really frustrating. Am I just old and senile? No no of course not, it’s gotta be something else. lol

  5. Whooo hooo Congrats on both the weight loss and the health improvements. Not falling down when you walk across the floor is a big plus in my book…giggle

    I took myself off aspartame about a year ago. I didn’t notice any real difference but since it seemed healthier I stuck with it. BTW I drink Diet Coke with splenda not aspartame. It has Ace K too but no aspartame.
    Anyway, I started having some fluid build up, my sleeping problems got worse, so I went back to diet Dr. Pepper… gosh I love it.. because I can buy caffeine free diet DP but splenda sweetened Diet coke doesn’t come caffeine free.
    Ok so now I remember why I gave up Diet Dr. Pepper. I drink way way way too much of it. I can go through a full 2 Lt. bottle in one sitting and not even notice I’m doing it.
    After two weeks I didn’t notice any improvements and since I was drinking way to much coke I’m back to Diet Coke with splenda. But only in the evenings. It’s vinegar water up til then.

  6. Anonymous says

    My husband almost died from drinking diet pepsi with Aspartame. His heart went out of rhythm – had to have it shocked back twice. And he has arthritis – long term – it got so much worse – his hands were horribly painful. Gave it up – and no more heart problems/hand arthritis pain (except the normal) He does use Splenda with no problems.

    Your recipes are awesome – and your weight loss- phenom!!! Major congrats – besides being totally a entertaining writer too!!

  7. yep..had all those same symptoms from aspartame…bad news stuff…I had severe brain fog from it..have been aspartame free for at least 6 years… occasionally some slips by me and I can tell almost immediately… Splenda so far does not give any of those symptoms…but I am trying to cut back on it as well…

    Key Lime…love Key Lime..adore Key Lime…I make a mock Key Lime cheesecake with cream cheese, Lemon-Lime Kool Aid powder (without the sugar) and sweetener de jur (have been experimenting with the SweetLeaf Stevia…)it’s quite yummy and refreshing…did I mention I love Key Lime…

  8. OhYeahBabe says

    Oh my, key lime pie!

    Thanks for keeping us posted on the aspartame experiment. Sounds like you’re really doing your body a big favor!

  9. righnote says

    Check out this private experiment on aspartame. Photos are graphic, info is concise.

    Thanks for letting me post.

  10. lisa32989 says

    stevia sweetened lemonade..YUMMY!
    or selzer water with lime juice sans sweetner or unsweetened iced tea are my non-water choices. I make the lemonade.

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