Ow Ow Back Ow Ow

I am waiting to go to the doctor, where I hope that adorable man will prescribe some muscle relaxers. I have been in the worst way since last Monday, and it became REALLY bad Saturday night.

Good news? Laptop is ok! Called tech support and the little booger never shut down properly and was stuck in sleep mode. A little snog by Prince Charming and she’s functioning again.

Will be back when I’m medicated. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know why I’ve been not-so-posty.

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  1. Poor Cleo – get better soon!

  2. lisa32989 says


    I had recurrent back pain until I learned to strengthen muscles. PT was what fixed me for good b/c now I know how to maintain the back health!

  3. mac24312 says

    Try to relax and take care of yourself..I had severe back problems for year and still have them now and again..get well soon!!

  4. Hope you’re okay. Muscle relaxants knock my brain out big time. If we don’t hear from you for a day or two, we’ll know why.

  5. Erratica says

    get a massage, Cleo. It’ll work better than muscle relaxers, I promise! Then get yourself to a chiropractor to put everything back where it belongs.


  6. yeah fixed laptop!
    boo spastic muscles!

    Get well wishes speeding their way to you sweetie!!!!

  7. yeah fixed laptop!

    Boo spastic muscles!

    Get well wishes are speeding their way to you!!!!

  8. Oh, back trouble! Poor thing! I reached out and closed a window (in, apparently, the wrong way) Wednesday night and could barely move for the next 3 days. Lucky me, I have one of those Sharper Image massage chairs. I put a heating pad on the back of the chair, took 3 Advil (every 6 hours), and sat there for most of the weekend. I’m finally feeling better.

    Hope you’re better real soon.

  9. jenna... says

    At least the mind works. :-*

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  11. Hope you’re in la la land soon…


  12. Anonymous says

    Take care of yourself,and I hope your feeling much better very soon.

  13. Carol Bardelli says

    Hey Jamie, you totally have my sympathy. I’ve had back spasms and they are horrid. Hope you feel better. And got some good meds. Pain totally sucks.

  14. Advocare Teresa in Beaumont says

    Hope you feel better soon.

    I found your site listed as a recipe source while looking for low carb on SparkPeople.com.

    I have added you to my “Good Reads” list on my blog.

    Bought a jicama today!


  15. I hope your feeling better Cleo!!!

  16. Before I lost my 85 pounds, I had a bad back. My doctor prescribed Naproxin Sodium. Later, I realized that this was just a double dose of alieve. And, it worked wonders for me.

  17. YourHub.com misses you.

  18. cleochatra says

    thank you sosososo much!

    The worst thing erver? Doctor won’t see me until next MONDAY. I had to go to the ER. Seriously. I was pissed.

    Now I’m drugged up, but still pissed.

    I appreciate all of your kind wishes and words and you have no idea how happy I will be to be able to do laundry again. Or bend over. At all. It also definitely makes me appreciate feeling healthy.

    So I am feeling really futzy due to the pain meds and the relaxants but I am glad to at least not be in the kind of pain you end up crying about. I am a tough lady, but at least childbirth you can breath through. Back pain is excruciating!

    So I’m back to being mad at the doctor who forced me to go to the ER. Grrrrr.

    Sorry for the rant-a-hoy!

    I love you guys, and after being knocked out since yesterday, it’s nice to be somewhat coherent again!



  19. jenna... says

    :-* We love you too Cleo (((HUGS))) kick the docs hinie for us too. 😉

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