Oh it is SO good to be back.

I was in Neah Bay, Washington, where the Makah Indians live. They are a great people, and I had a fantastic time meeting folks and learning more about their culture. We even were allowed to dance one song with them. It was a pretty good workout and made us appreciate the humor and the richness of this coastal tribe of First Peoples.

We enjoyed fresh salmon, saw the canoes paddle by the house, and watched bald eagles soar over sea gulls playing in the low tide pools. and marveled at sea stars, starfish and sand dollars. My husband’s parents were tremendous hosts for showing us the sights for three days before heading off to Spokane.

I’m telling you, there’s nothing like driving across Wyoming in a 30 foot RV with sheer winds trying to blow us into passing semi trucks who are also weaving all over the road.

I was almost in tears for 5 hours as a red dust storm chased us down 84 past Laramie. It looked like Mars rising over there. I haven’t seen that much dust since Amy Winehouse sneezed out her excess cocaine.

Of course I missed you guys, too.

My big gripe was the lack of cooking facilities in the RV. I found out the day before the trip that because propane hadn’t been hooked up, we bought a vehicle which may or may not house a functioning stove. I brought along pre-cooked bacon, and that was pretty gross by the third day, and cheeses weren’t making the palates smile. In short, I ended up off-plan for the entire time. I’m not even stepping on the scale for awhile.

Coming Up…

I have some cool stuff coming up for you guys, including a Zevia review and a reader code for you to save $5 on your next purchase of Zevia, a book review, and a giveaway from netrition.com (Tom is the best).

Anyone Drink Coca Cola Zero?

I have 6 coupons for Coca Cola Zero if anyone wants them. They’re for $1 off of a 12-pack. If you want to drop me your email addresses in comments, I’ll mail them to you. They expire in mid October, so you’ll want to use them in the next couple months. I’d say “email me” but I don’t want to do a giveaway for coupons. I just want to pass them along.

Eggs Actly.

I share a great way to cook perfect hardboiled eggs at the Examiner column, so check it out! If it’s one thing I hate, it’s messy, hard to peel, hard-boiled eggs. They make me make faces like this. ARRRRRR!!! See, that’s me sounding like a pirate face.

Soylent GreenwithEnvy

I found out today that I’m allergic to soy, which ticks me off. The good news? I’ve got a recipe for you guys who have been missing pasta coming up very soon. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy what I can’t have (that was the guilt portion of our program).

Catching up

If you’ve dropped me a line, I’m still going to email you. I have been out of town and before that I was in a grumpy mood. Email responses would have been curt responses like, “Don’t eat that,” or “No, pickles should not be inserted in your ears.”

Now, I’m rested and relaxed and can fully answer those burning queries about your kneecaps and bladderwort. And low-carb stuff.

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  1. Jun Bug House says

    You have been missed!
    Welcome back!

  2. cleochatra says

    Thank you, Nance! Catching up is the tough bit, but I’m getting there! LOL!

    It is great to see you.


  3. Yay! Back AND posting even… you are the bomb. (You have kids, you know that is a good thing, right?)

  4. cleochatra says

    It is great to see you again!

    I have kids. Many. They ride like thousands. And millions. And they own a lot of socks which I keep finding on the kitchen floor. Does this mean that even their socks snack?

  5. Welcome home J!

    I often use spaghetti squash for noodles…

    Was this your first visit to my home state? Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. cleochatra says

    Hey, blue!!

    I am working up to the squash. I love it… Oh how I dooo!

    I lived in Washington for 14 years. Tacoma, Eatonville and Pullman. I love it there. I also appreciate the overcast days more than I used to.

  7. Cleo, I’ve missed you!! I marvel at your genius every weekend when I make a double-batch of Oopsie rolls for the coming week, and am so glad to hear YOU’RE glad to be back.

    (Also? I found some Flax Crackers this weekend at a natural-foods store, made from flax seed instead of ground flax, and they are nas-tee compared to yours.)

    Let me know if the coupons are still up for grabs–I enjoy all diet soda, and clip coupons like crazy!



  8. Erica Gott, aka Erratica says

    Hooray, you’re back! I missed you terribly, Jamie. Your blog always makes me belly laugh and that is a healthy thing to do you know!

    I know you haven’t had time to check out my blog http://www.ericagott.blogspot.com , so I’ll just tell you that I’m about to be a gypsy/nomad traveling all over the U.S. for the next 6 months. My 16yo daughter will be traveling with me, and we’re going to stay with friends and family.

    Hey, when I was in St Louis last weekend, I made some zucchini nacho chips for my friends. Didn’t have time to dry them out, and it’s so humid there, it would have taken forever. No problem, everyone snacked on them right off the pan and polished them off before dinner was even on the table. They are just as good like that as crispy! Have you ever tried to cook them like pancakes? I’m going to try that next.

    That weekend we also had zucchini lasagna and stuffed zucchini (the garden cup runneth over, apparently). Nary a carb anywhere and really helped me stay on track. Yum!


  9. Cleo – my family went on vacation over spring break to the Grand Canyon. My husband and I ate the same things pretty much except he drank soda and I didn’t. Then we did so much hiking for three days. When we got back – he had lost 2 lbs. and I had gained 6! Thank you for letting me share my pain with you.

  10. Anonymous says

    Welcome back Have missed your unusual recipes. I actually came across a dessert spinich pie recipe in a cookbook someone gave me. Have to see if it would merit inclusion as a lc recipe.


  11. Anonymous says

    Welcome Back!

    If you still have some coke zero coupons, I’m interested.

    konilambchop @ juno.com

    (just take out the spaces)

  12. Gwuinifer says

    Welcome back! You were missed, you ducky thing you. 😀 Neah Bay, huh? I lived in Forks (nearest town with a population over 2K on the Peninsula) for years, though recently moved out to Sequim (which you doubtless drove through on Hwy 101, unless you came up north from Aberdeen rather than west from the greater Seattle area). How did the weather treat you while you were here? Summer is so unpredictable here– I do hope it didn’t rain the WHOLE time you visited our lovely Olympics! 🙂 Maybe next time you’re in the neighborhood, we can share a cup of joe and some heavenly LC brownies! (You must try this recipe: http://healthyindulgences.blogspot.com/2008/07/ooey-gooey-and-gluten-free-brownies.html OMG they KILLED me. The woman has a dark gift. I recommend the water bath method, though it took me a bit longer to cook.)

  13. I’m so you’re back, too! Your blog is so entertaining. Good luck with getting back to induction and all that!

  14. DUH Sorry I’ve been using that column link and forgot to check the blog too.

    I’m really sorry you are soy allergic too. if you need to talk about it you know where to find me. on the good side you get got a free pass to temptation from all the frankenfood candies deserts and bars cuase thay all got soy in them

    Sorry your RV stove didn’t work I was so looking forward to the new RV version of oopsies.

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