On Vacation

Judging from my lack of editing skills in the last blog title entry (and my stress levels), I need a vacation. I’m going to my own cue and go see some stuff. Tall stuff, short stuff, new stuff and old stuff (not you, pepaw and grammaw).

Be good!

The column at Examiner.com will be on hiatus, too.

My apologies for not answering emails and comments. I had been single-‘mom’ing it with hubby out of town for an extended period of time. I need a nap!

Keep emailing and commenting. I will be back soon, in full form, and ready to bring in the second half of the year as we move towards New Year’s!

I have another giveaway coming up in August, along with a special offer just for readers. And, of course, I’ll have more stories and stuff to talk about, recipes, and more.

So, be good, stick to your low-carb lifestyle, and when I’m back you can tell me all about your success. And don’t make me come over there if you think you can sneak the Twinkies and I won’t notice.

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  1. I’ve been wondering for a while now how you can possible keep up the pace you seem to maintain….. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!
    I’ll miss your cheery voice, but go! Rest! Sleep a lot. Have some fun. Sleep some more. We’ll all be munching happily away on our Oopsie sandwiches and fauxtatoes and shredded-veggie-pizza-crust. Take care of yourself, Sweetie.

  2. Girl,
    It’s time you took a break! I don’t know how you stay on top of it all. Have some fun, do something new, and come back rip raring and ready to go!

  3. (twiddles thumbs and tries to look disinterested)
    erm…. are you going to be back soon? Gawd, I sound like one of my kids, “Mommy are you finished resting now?”
    Hope you are having a blast of sweet, refreshing vacation.
    I made the oopsie pancakes without beating the egg whites (I was in a hurry to feed the kids before Mass). I just mixed the whole kit and kaboodle together… mmm.. not bad. My wheat-free daughter said they were better than the batch I made 2 weekends ago. (trust me, that is high praise, she’s thirteen!)
    ok, well, I’ll go back to twiddling my thumbs. *sigh*

  4. Anonymous says

    Hey Cleo!

    I recently found your blog via locarbfriends.com and just wanted to thank you for some great recipes.

    So far the oopsies have been a lifesaver! I have a suggestion for those who have flat rolls even after they’ve whipped the egg whites enough — you might need a new box of Cream of Tarter. I realized mine was *beyond* old, so I used new stuff today and voila!

    I also tried the Chili tonight on a hot dog. MMMMMMMM! My SO was thrilled as well!

    I hope you’re having a good time with your break. Please take very good care of yourself and thank you for taking the time to share such great recipes!


  5. i.am.jenn says

    I know I’m a little late to jump on this bandwagon… but…

    thanks for perfecting the oopsie recipe. I’m a full time student and a salad at school is about $6.50 and I need to eat lunch on campus 4 days a week for this summer class I’m in. I baked a double batch of your oopsies (well researched with all the tips and hints and “most common asked questions” you’ve made available) so my first batch was awesome! I made two batches and I’m able to take oopsies and a hamburger patty and eat a delicious, economic, low carb hamburger for lunch.

    It has made my life, at least the edible parts, a lot easier. 🙂 So thank you!

    Enjoy your vacation! You need it, you’re a busy busy woman. And I hope you’ve gotten your loved ones back by the time I wrote this. My loved ones are all scattered out so I feel that lonliness most of the time. 🙂

  6. I’ve been on “vacation” from my low carb diet and I am wondering now why I stopped- it’s great losing 3 pounds in 5 days. I sure am glad to see more acceptance of the diet and creative people like you trying to make real food from real ingredients- not special order mixes, etc. Loved just happening onto your blog! So, I have to ask, Queen Experimental- have you tried Miracle Noodles(0 carbs)and/or Shirataki? Same or different, gross or good? Anybody out there try it?

  7. cleochatra says

    willie– LOL! You are the best! thanks for making me giggle. I need to sleep and end up half the time either hallucinating that I’m being chased by bagels or coming up with new ways to cook something. Thank you for the great vibes!

    Vikki–Thank you! It was a great trip, but it is always nice to be home.

    mg– WOW!! Kudos from a teen? You have achieved gosh-like status! My teens rarely like stuff unless it has to do with sitting in underpants playing Rock Band.

    Kathryn– thank you so much! It is so nice knowing that you like the recipes! I love eating them. LOL It’s my favorite thing about low-carbing–all the stuff I get to eat. And meeting new friends, like you! thanks for your kind comment and for the feedback!

    i am jenn– bless your heart! You are going through so much attending college and feeling removed from everyone. I will adopt you. 😀

    Hi, issy! thanks so much for writing! I am all about trying to use healthy ingredients. It makes foods taste so rich and delicious. I have not tried shiritake noodles, but I have had amazing success with making soy noodled in my kitchen (I know!). I’ll be sharing the recipe soon! It got rave reviews by the fam, most of whom are picky.

    Now, if only I wasn’t allergic to soy… (I’m sniveling)

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