Am still crippled but I love a netrition giveaway!

These sexy, swollen feet shop at
So I might be a wobbling bobblehead, but I can still give cool stuff away.

Complements of Tom at my favorite online low-carb store EVAH, you can win a $25 gift certificate to!

That’s right– when you’re not falling in a hole at school in front of dozens of parents, you, too, can send me an email (CONTEST HAS ENDED) with the heading “Netrition Giveaway” with your home address. And next Friday if I don’t lose my arms in a horrific bacon-cooking incident, I’ll draw your name and make you a customer!

(No worries, friends: If my arms do fall off, I’ll just pick your name with my face.

It’s very scientific.)

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  1. Carol Bardelli says

    Poor Jamie! I haven’t seen ankles that swollen since I was 9 months pregnant and made the mistake of walking all day! Owww.

    Get well fastest.

  2. Ouch!!! Those feet look like mine and I have lymph edema. Bless your heart. Please take it easy and I’ll be praying for quick mending. Ouch!

  3. Holy Communion says

    Yeowww that looks painful! Take care of yourself!

  4. Hhmmm…..maybe she’s just under house arrest for going off plan
    🙂 :):)

    Hope those ankles are feeling a little better by today!

  5. Hi Jamie , Oh I can relate, I have been gypping around for about a year on one foot with what they call z foot caused by flat feet . So if you or anyone has flat feet check them out and get orthotic shoes inserts. I am not trying to devalue what your dealing with because I am sure it very painful , just be thankful it is only temporary and just maybe your body needed a little R&R with your busy life. My prayers are for you to have a quick healing.
    God Bless

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